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Warranty and repair services for refurbished phones in France

Warranty and repair service for refurbished phones in France

What changes came into effect on January 1, 2022?

It is important for companies when selling a refurbished device, to consider the warranties that apply to it. There are various types of warranties, such as legal warranty and commercial warranty.

The main changes affected the legal guarantee. It provides free repair or replacement of a damaged product within two years from the purchase of a new product and 6 months from the purchase of a used product. From now on, the period of this guarantee must be indicated in the invoice or receipt. In case of violation, the reseller must pay a fine: 3,000 euros for a private person and 15,000 euros for a legal person. Also, if within two years of purchase the product is repaired under the legal warranty, the buyer receives an additional 6 months of warranty, i.e. a total warranty of 30 months (2 years + 6 months)

The reseller must inform the consumer about the repair period, during which the manufacturer undertakes to inform the client. As with other products, in case of non-compliance with a digital product, buyers can request a repair or replacement of the product (smartphone, tablet or smart home device) within two years since the date of purchase. This repair or replacement must be carried out by the seller and must be free of charge to the consumer and within a reasonable time (no more than thirty days). Otherwise, the consumer may receive a discount or refund of the price paid by returning the goods.

Also, companies that work with used electronics must apply new measures in terms of legal warranty introduced by the DGCCRF (French Ministry of Economy). Namely, they are obliged to provide the buyer with a technical certificate stating that each refurbished product sold has been diagnosed and all its technical characteristics correspond to the declared description. These devices must be presented in the store along with a "QR code" to view their diagnostic certificates.

What is a Diagnostic Certificate?

NSYS Group provides diagnostic certificates for every tested device. They comply with all international standards and are successfully used by our clients in trading.

What is included in the certificate?

  • Diagnostic results
  • IMEI/SN of the device
  • Model number
  • FMIP/FRP check results
  • Jailbreak/Root check results
  • Designated region’s information
  • Battery status information 
  • ESN(A), Simlock
  • Date stamp

Thanks to our certificates, NSYS Group customers increase the trust of their customers and sell a quality product.

NSYS certification guarantees 100% transparency of your transactions in the market. Contact us today to find out more!

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