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Nightmare for retail: staff training

If you are a mobile retailer, then you probably know how difficult it can be to train employees in all the rules for accepting and evaluating mobile devices. Today we'll show you how to do it easier.

13 min read

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If you work with used mobile phones on a large scale, you probably use some sort of software. Paid or free — what to choose?

15 min read

How will the Apple self-repair program affect the service providers?

20 min read

Our first event in sunny Malta after the global pandemic. Read about our impressions and see the photos in the article.

7 min read

Learn in our new case study how GoodCom has solved their problems with device grading in their business activity with the help of NSYS Autograding.

11 min read

Is Covid over? How the mobile secondhand market will grow and develop in the near future is described in this article.

11 min read

How do you get a customer to buy a used phone from your store instead of buying it from a previous owner? Learn more in our article.

15 min read

You have probably heard about the global after-pandemic semiconductor shortage. Why is everyone talking about it and how does it threaten the used device industry? Let's figure it out!

13 min read

In june 2022, almost the entire world has already defeated the pandemic and is returning to normal life, including offline activities. So what will happen to the used electronics market now?

13 min read

Do you want to learn how to succeed in your trade-in endeavour when trying to get access to the end consumer as a wholesale business? Read on to find out more.

17 min read

Why is it important to erase data from used phones before selling? What is the difference between deleting and erasing data? Learn more in our new article!

12 min read

As businesses grow and develop, they often face new challenges that cannot be solved with manual labor. What to do? Automation will come to the rescue.

18 min read

A smartphone’s grade may differ dramatically between different markets and vendors so creates a lot of confusion between buyers and sellers. How to grade a smartphone properly? Let's figure it out.

16 min read

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