mobile testing for wholesale


Mobile wholesale business deals with overloaded warehouses of devices that have to be processed quickly – otherwise, they’ll lose value.

Arrival of new batches makes keeping the records problematic.

Moreover, with the lack of time, the risk of human error increases, and the quality of diagnostics goes down.

What do you get with NSYS?
Automated and accurate diagnostics of your stock
Higher volume of the devices processed each day
Cloud-based system with detailed records about all devices
Increased value of your stock and decreased RMA rate
Less human errors in the process
NSYS Diagnostics
Trusted software for mobile device diagnostics. More than 60 automated and semi-automated tests for iOS and Android devices.
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NSYS Data Erasure
Solution for secure data removal from mobile devices. Compliant with NIST, ADISA and R2.
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NSYS Autograding
AI-powered solution for consistent phone grading. Inspect cosmetic condition of used and refurbished devices automatically.
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NSYS Inventory
First inventory management system designed specifically for the used device industry.
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SkyRise Distribution Limited, Hong Kong
Diamond Liu (CEO)
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