Buyback and Trade-In

Buyback and Trade-In

Inaccurate phone evaluation entails financial risks for the Buyback business.

Manual device inspection of functionality and cosmetics affects the final phone cost. It also takes a long time and makes customers wait.

Moreover, uncompetitive and incoherent pricing leads to loss of customer satisfaction.

What do you get with NSYS Tools?
Automated process saves time of both staff and clients
Accurate cost evaluation of devices
Simple and intuitive interface
Fast and accurate devices diagnostics
60+ automated and semi-automated tests
NSYS Diagnostics
NSYS Diagnostics provides fast and automated diagnostics with minimal human involvement in the process.
NSYS Buyback
NSYS Buyback estimates an accurate and fair price for mobile devices by customizable parameters, depending on company standards.
NSYS Data Transfer
NSYS Data Transfer provides new technology of data transfer between iOS devices without using additional apps.
Samuel Joseph (Technical expert)

Thanks to NSYS, we get reliable diagnostics. We have a full report with a label on the phone and all the exact data on our internal dashboard. Since the beginning of the use of NSYS, we have the opportunity to receive truly complete diagnostic reports that we can integrate into our databases. This allows us to get a lot of statistics. We have significantly reduced the time for diagnosing phones, at least 2 times, and sometimes 3 times on certain models.

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