NSYS Inventory

First inventory management system designed specifically for the used device industry
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profit loss caused by poor warehouse oversight*
*according to our clients’ experience
The logical “next step” for the
Cloud Inventory Management Software helps you to:
manual processes
in your warehouses
yourself against latent risks
of tailor-made software
all the risks you face while
managing everything in sheets
Free up
your time for things
which matter
We are raising the bar in the used device diagnostics
in 50+ countries all over the world
Choose the cutting edge platform to support
growth-oriented procedures in your company
No losses, no shortages
& no tons of spreadsheets
NSYS Inventory will take you from huge spreadsheets without photos to a transparent history tracking inventory system.
Get a holistic view of
your inventory flows
Take absolute control of your cash flow.
Trace the most profitable sales channels. Seamlessly follow all your financials with an advanced built-in money tracking system.
Scale your business
with multiple locations
Don’t limit your growth with complicated warehouse logistics.
Manage locations you need with ease.
Unlock the real power of your business with features
nobody else provides as a single set
Add, save and track all your devices with unique IMEI-number from supplies to sales
Mixed-Grade Device Purchasing
Purchase mixed-grade batches, understand grades ratio, and handle the prices with an automated counting system.
Multiple Warehouses
Manage as many warehouses as you need. Control your products flow among warehouses in a precise manner with moving and adjustment orders.
ESN-Checks & NSYS Diagnostic Integrated
Save plenty of money with GSMA Blacklist checking, CarrierLock checking & get all the NSYS Diagnostics results in one window.
Suppliers and defects analytics
Trace which suppliers' products bring you the most income. Investigate the source of good quality devices with advanced analytics of defects & RMA’s.
User Accountability & Permissions Management
Track actions done by any user, manage permissions & control information availability
Built-In RMA
Discover integrated RMA functionality allowing you to reduce the number of faulty devices at the acceptance step. Understand the main reasons for returns and supplier reliability with insightful statistics.
Automate your business with the power of integrations
which are coming soon
Low learning curve
Enjoy a simple, intuitive interface designed to fit all your team needs with ease. Onboarding is a breeze!
In-House Development Team
Get the freshest updates and benefit from the cutting-edge solution. We are constantly developing our technologies. Our high-class devs team will be working for your business success.
24/7 support
Address any of your questions to our Customer Support Team for getting instant help.
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Great for managing multi-locational business with tons of documentation
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