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Mobile phone testing software for wholesalers, retailers, refurbishers, repair centers, and others








60+ tests to detect over 100 possible hardware defects


Non-original parts detection

Checks the authenticity of the LCD display, battery, motherboard, rear & front cameras on iOS devices

Data Erasure

Wipes all personal data from numerous phones at once in full accordance with recognized international standards

IMEI Checks: ESN, ESNA, SimLock Check

Shows whether the device was lost, stolen, or has any outstanding balance

Cloud Database

Insures you from any data loss in case of problems with your equipment and allows you to work from any PC


Skips the tedious process of manual activation on both iOS and Android devices

Label printing

Allows you to create your own custom sticker design with the information about each device and your company logo

Certificate printing

Generates a report with the results of each test and data wipe that you can share with your customers

Tech Support

Is there for you 24/7 to answer any question about our system and train your employees

Trusted by businesses in more than 60 countries worldwide

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