NSYS Diagnostics

NSYS Diagnostics delivers fast, automated functional tests for iOS and Android devices. Run complete, certified diagnostics within 2-3 minutes to reduce human errors and significantly increase the productivity of your business.

  • User-friendly interface

  • Any iOS or Android device

  • Testing of multiple devices simultaneously

  • Big variety of functionality tests

  • Certified data erasure

  • Branded test certificates and label printing


Diagnose each device within a minute

Get extensive information about each device

Work with up to 60 devices at once

Customize all the tests for your business needs

Manage your workflow with any Windows or Mac OS X computer

Test mobile devices using over 60 automatic and semi-automatic tests

Test all kinds of iOS and Android devices

Diagnose devices without cables and PC

Diagnostic services

“IMEI Checks: ESN, ESNA, SimLock Check” shows whether the device was lost, stolen, or has any mobile carrier debts.

“Data Erasure/Restore” wipes all personal data and updates the device OS to the latest version for numerous smartphones in a couple of clicks.

“Cloud Database” immediately saves all data after the phone diagnostic and reporting in the cloud, allowing you to work from any PC / WiFi.

“Auto-activation” skips the tedious process of manual activation on iOS and Android devices.

“Label printing” allows you to create your own sticker design with detailed information about the devices.

“Non-original parts detection” checks the authenticity of the LCD display, battery, rear & front cameras, and motherboard on iOS devices.

From now on the robot can do the work for you

Meet Reeva

IMEI checks powered by GSMA

NSYS Reviews

Cell Clinic, Canada

Alex Dechant (Owner)

NSYS software is easy to implement and use. Also, the technical support is great, it's engineers are available 24h! It helped us to run quick diagnostics and keep track of our repairs.

Wireless Mall, Usa

Andrew Walsh (Technician)

Testing process is pretty quick and accurate. We can test more devices now and yes, I recommend NSYS!

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