NSYS Diagnostics

With NSYS Diagnostics you can quickly identify defects on iOS and Android mobile devices. The average time for a full check, data erasure and printing a label with the results is 2-3 minutes. That will significantly increase the productivity of your QC department.

Numerous automated tests will determine the functionality of the device’s battery, cameras, screen, speakers, microphones, and others. With the help of NSYS Diagnostics, you can quickly check smartphones for possible issues and return non-functional devices to your suppliers. Thereby saving your time, money, and reputation in the eyes of customers.

NSYS Diagnostics has a user-friendly interface, which simplifies the process of a phone diagnostic and makes it convenient for you.


Diagnose each device within a minute
Get extensive information about each device
Work with up to 60 devices at once
Customize all the tests for your business needs
Manage your workflow with any Windows or Mac OS X computer
Test mobile devices using over 60 automatic and semi-automatic tests
Test all kinds of iOS and Android devices
Diagnose devices without cables and PC

Diagnostic services

“IMEI Checks: ESN, ESNA, SimLock Check” shows whether the device was lost, stolen, or has any mobile carrier debts.
“Data Erasure/Restore” wipes all personal data and updates the device OS to the latest version for numerous smartphones in a couple of clicks.
“Cloud Database” immediately saves all data after the phone diagnostic and reporting in the cloud, allowing you to work from any PC / WiFi.
“Auto-activation” skips the tedious process of manual activation on iOS and Android devices.
“Label printing” allows you to create your own sticker design with detailed information about the devices, then print these stickers, and put them on the phones.
“Non-original parts detection” checks the authenticity of the LCD display, battery, rear & front cameras, and motherboard on iOS devices.
IMEI checks powered by GSMA

NSYS Tools Reviews

Volpy, France Samuel Joseph (Technical expert) “Today, thanks to NSYS Group, we receive reliable diagnostics. We have a full report with a label on the phone and all the extracted data in our internal dashboard”
Lombardo Shop
Lombardo Shop, Italy Giuliano Lombardo (CEO) “Over the years we have tried different softwares for diagnostics of our devices, but we were not satisfied with the results. But since we have started to use NSYS Diagnostics the quality has increased and time needed for diagnostics has reduced dramatically.”
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