mobile testing for refurbishers


Quality control is a top priority for the refurbished mobile phone wholesalers. Refurbishers meticulously test devices both upon purchase of stock and before shipment of goods.

However, the risks can’t be reduced to zero, any buyer may encounter defects of the phone, and due to a long-term warranty, this entails financial losses.

Based on high risks and small margins, companies can’t afford to sell low-quality phones.

What do you get with NSYS?
Automatic and accurate diagnostics
Detection of 100 possible defects
Immediate auto-activation of Android and iOS devices
Less human errors in the process
Multi-threaded chat with your suppliers for RMA disputes
NSYS Diagnostics
Trusted software for mobile device diagnostics. More than 60 automated and semi-automated tests for iOS and Android devices.
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NSYS Data Erasure
Solution for secure data removal from mobile devices. Compliant with NIST, ADISA and R2.
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NSYS Autograding
AI-powered solution for consistent phone grading. Inspect cosmetic condition of used and refurbished devices automatically.
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NSYS Inventory
First inventory management system designed specifically for the used device industry.
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Hong Kong
Lily Ying (QC manager)

NSYS Tools helped us to reduce our RMA rate. Previously, we carried out only manual diagnostics, and there were situations where some functions were not checked. Our staff had to work for several hours in a row, so they could not provide a proper level and accuracy of diagnostics results. NSYS Tools automated tests helped us not only to increase the efficiency of quality control but also to build confidence that our customers receive fully functional phones.

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