Why NSYS Tools?

Big volume

Big volume - connect up to 60 devices at once

Extensive information

Extensive device information - NSYS Tools knows everything about the devices, including locks, SPEC, vendor status, jail, carrier etc.

Automatic updates

Automatic updates - new versions of the software automatically

Friendly interface

Friendly interface - easy to install, easy to use

IMEI check

IMEI check services - FMIP, FRP, SIM lock, ESN, outstanding balance, original carrier

Smart database

Smart database - easily track, filter, print labels, export the data to your external database and use statistic to generate reports

Quick data erasure

Quick data erasure - erase all data from up to 60 devices simultaneously in a few minutes according NIST, ADISA and R2 standards

Any platform

Any platform - NSYS Tools works perfectly with all iOS and Android devices

Access from any device

Access from any device - сontrol working process from anywhere and using any device that has an Internet connection

Super fast

Super fast - less than 1 min per device

Test customization

Test customization - enable only tests you need

Auto activation

Auto activation - it takes just a few seconds for activation

Unlimited users

Unlimited users - create unlimited user accounts for free


Restore - automatic restoring of multiple devices to the latest firmware simultaneously

How it affects you?

Reduce RMAs
Quick and accurate testing guarantees all phones.
All phones are checked properly as opposed to manual testing
Minimize human errors - the tests are automated or "smart-assisted"
Save your time - less than 1 min per device
As a result - raise your profit!
Devices tested with NSYS Tools increase your customers' trust.
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