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Reevalutionary: How Reeva Has Helped iTek Grow Buyback Sales

iTek x NSYS Group

iTek is a repair shop in Magherafelt, Northern Ireland, with an 8-year history of service to the local community. In 2023, the company became a finalist in three categories of the FSB Awards: Micro Business, Young Entrepreneur, and Sustainability. 

For the company, ensuring the quality of products is crucial, as it builds trust with customers and boosts confidence in the brand. Therefore, iTek has implemented Reeva, the robotic solution from NSYS Group. We spoke with Darren Workman, the Director of iTek, to discover their experience of using Reeva.

The Challenge 

iTek has deployed Reeva in their store to speed up the testing and trading in devices. Customers will get quick and trustworthy service as the robot automates testing, grading, pricing, and wiping. 

“We have already seen the benefits and use the system regularly. We are working towards bringing Reeva into our operating procedures as a standardized part of our processes and operations.”

the Reeva robot with iTek team

The Solution

To improve performance and customer satisfaction, iTek integrated the robotic solution into their workflow. Reeva was chosen as a great option that completely eliminates human errors due to full automation of the process and raises customer trust thanks to certificate printing.

“As a device repairer, we are working to test each device to certify it at the end of each repair. This way, we can give our customers peace of mind that when they get their device back, an extra layer of care has been taken to ensure their device works as intended. 

We are also working towards providing a physical certificate of testing with each device. This will give the buyer another reason to shop with us compared to a competitor who cannot provide a certification like this. When we showed the certification to our customers, we received a very positive response.”

device testing robot

The Results

First of all, Reeva has sped up the buyback process: 

“The speed of testing devices has improved significantly, with the added benefit of a certificate uploaded to the client profile. This certificate is a solid reminder to the customer that we take pride in servicing their device individually. 

Previously, a device would take about 1-2 days to test and get ready; now, from receiving the device from a customer, the testing takes 10 minutes, with a further 5 minutes to book the device into our POS as the information is ready to grab from the NSYS portal.

The robot’s features I can highlight — speed, information display, historical tracking of images and testing, speed, automation at scale, improved economies of scale, oh and speed (did I mention that?).”

But the most important outcome is that Reeva helped iTek boost their sales! 

“We are already noticing an uptick in device purchases or buybacks from customers. This is due to the speed of purchasing and testing. Whilst Reeva is not quite perfect just yet, we look forward to further improvements! Currently, Reeva is achieving the goals we have set, and going forward, I believe she will be an essential part of our team!

Given that we have only had Reeva for just over a month, the amount of change Reeva has drafted for our company has been impressive. We look forward to further developing this equipment and, in the future, implementing Reeva 2 when we are ready!

There are limitations, and a human is still needed for some portions of operation and grading. Still, for the most part, Reeva is an incredible machine with a huge opportunity to really change the buyback, repair, and diagnostics industries.”

Darren gave warm feedback not only on Reeva but also on the whole experience of working with the NSYS team. We are incredibly thankful to iTek and are pleased to work with them!  

“My experience with NSYS has been amazing. I really look forward to working with the team in the future, and I can see the huge benefit of iTek and NSYS developing a great relationship in the process! 

Reeva is, in a word, ‘Reevalutionary’ (I take all credit for that 😂) We will be recommending Reeva to our business associates who also own repair companies. We have already had some interest from companies, and that is without really advertising her to the world just yet.”

iTek’s experience with Reeva is a great example of how this robotic solution is changing the game in the used device market. If you want to try Reeva for your business, click the button below! 

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