Multi-functional solution for companies operating with pre-owned mobile phones

Companies in over than 50 countries streamline their workflows with us
What do you get with NSYS Tools?
NSYS Tools software
  • Knows everything about the cell phone: IMEI data, functionality, replaced parts
  • Provides certified diagnostic reports for each device
  • Runs perfectly on Mac OS X/Windows and tests iOS/Android devices
Customer Service
  • Multilingual support team responses 24/7
  • Software fully translated into 10 languages
  • Personal trainings for you and your staff
  • Organize your workflow in one interface
  • No specific equipment is required
  • Access advanced analytics in your personal cloud account
Cloud-based solution
  • Simple switch of your working process to remote mode
  • Unify the workflow in all warehouses/stores quickly
  • Easy-to-Install software
NSYS Diagnostics
Provides automated, fast and accurate diagnostic tool for cell phones. Requires minimal human involvement in the process.
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NSYS Buyback
Estimates an accurate and fair price for mobile devices, depending on customizable settings and automated functionality diagnostics.
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NSYS Autograding
AI-powered solution for consistent phone grading. Inspect cosmetic condition of used and refurbished devices automatically.
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NSYS Inventory
First inventory management system designed specifically for the used device industry.
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NSYS Data Transfer
Provides new technology of data transfer between iOS devices without using additional apps. The detailed progress bar tracks the remaining time and data size.
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NSYS Returns
Provides advanced return management from all sales channels and increases customer loyalty.
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IMEI checks powered by GSMA
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