NSYS Buyback

Incompetent and incorrect estimation of device cost entails risks for any business in the mobile industry that work with Buyback and Trade-In programs.

NSYS Buyback helps to evaluate mobile devices accurately. The automated system reduces human errors so you can increase the profitability of your business and the transparency of your transactions.

The final cost of the device is being generated due to customizable parameters, depending on your company requirements. NSYS Buyback allows you to determine the grading and functionality of each device. That will significantly reduce losses due to the issues in estimates.

Thereby you can make more competitive offers, increase your stock purchases, and your customers’ loyalty, which is more effective than with manual device evaluation.


Make more competitive offers and increase Trade‑In profit
Customize cosmetic and functionality parameters, depending on your company standards
Get accurate cost and condition of devices
Save time by automating the process
Manage your Buyback and Trade‑In deals in a simple and intuitive interface
Eliminate the human factor from the process by automating device evaluation

NSYS Tools Reviews

Radio Hospital
Radio Hospital, USA Nick Depalma (COO) “Now we save our money because we reduce amount of returns to our retail stores”
Impexretail, Netherlands Lars Snoep (COO) “NSYS Tools provides good and clear technical insight into the status of a device. It increases the authenticity and credibility while devices are being traded”
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