AI-powered solution for fast grading of used phones

Frontier of innovation: automatically evaluate cosmetic condition




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Grade used devices like never before

Remove subjectivity from the grading process


Get grades fast. Automate the grading process to free up time.


Remove subjectivity and human error with our automated, AI-driven solution.


Cut down implementation costs. No hardware required — just use our app at multiple points of sale.


Save time and money spent on staff training. With our in-app tutorial, your staff can start grading in 2 minutes.

Turn AI into ROI

We transform the process. You transform the market

No hardware


Photo sharing

Custom grades

Start grading with your smartphone

Scaling your business shouldn’t cost you a heap of money. No matter if you have one point of sales or a chain store, all you need to start working is just the NSYS app.

Our aim is to help you sell the best quality products without making thoughts about unnecessary operational costs. Speed up your business processes and assure your products’ quality.

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Explore the power of integrations

Coverage of all business processes at its fullest: NSYS Autograding integrates with other NSYS solutions. Import grades while:

  • testing phones with NSYS Diagnostics
  • creating new orders in NSYS Buyback
  • receiving new batches in NSYS Inventory

Implement 3-in-1 device inspection by using NSYS All-in-One solution.

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Share photos of your graded stock to sell faster

Use one public link to share photos of a whole batch of devices, each phone from 6 sides, in various chats and groups.

Gain your customers' trust by making the most informative offers. Free yourself up from returns and extra costs.

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Customize your grades

Grade A in other companies is Grade B for you? We know how to prevent discrepancies.

NSYS Autograding allows you to adjust your grading system. It's up to you to decide how to assign grades and how many of them to have.

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Don’t rack your brain about grades

Our scoring system has been developed based on the experience of numerous companies

Grade A:

Excellent cosmetic condition and few signs of wear

Grade B:

Good overall cosmetic condition and clear signs of usage

Grade C:

Satisfactory condition and housing has slight defects

Grade D:

Poor cosmetic condition and housing has significant defects

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Consistency as a Service

No more grading fatigue: your employees run out of steam, our system doesn’t

30% of QC techs change their mind when grading same phone the second time

Lots of time technicians waste on choosing a grade when it is not obvious

Tens of thousands of dollars companies lose every month due to incompetent grading

Inexperienced engineers are not able to grade phones properly

NSYS Autograding always has the one and only right answer, no matter how many times you grade

AI doesn’t know what is “hard to choose”. It takes less than 1 minute to grade any phone

$133/month will not only prevent you from losses but also let you profit from formerly depreciated devices

With our app your new staff member can start grading right away after a 2-minute tutorial*

*Data obtained from internal sources

From now on the robot can do the work for you

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