In the mobile phone retail industry, there are many risks.

Usually, suppliers provide only short term warranty, so the device processing speed is extremely important.

Moreover, retailers have a great responsibility for the low-quality goods on sale – they can lose not only the customer's loyalty, but also their ratings on the marketplaces like Amazon and Back Market.

What do you get with NSYS?

  • IMEI Checks: ESN GSMA blacklist and SIM Lock status
  • Automated and fast diagnostics
  • Extensive information about each device in Сloud database
  • 60+ automated and semi-automated tests
  • Conformation to R2 (Responsible Recycling) standard
  • Data erasure certified by ADISA

NSYS Diagnostics

Trusted software for mobile device diagnostics. More than 60 automated and semi-automated tests for iOS and Android devices.

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NSYS Buyback

Automated system for buyback and trade-in management in store, on a website, and via app.

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NSYS Data Erasure

Solution for secure data removal from mobile devices. Compliant with NIST, ADISA and R2.

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NSYS Autograding

AI-powered solution for consistent phone grading. Automatically inspect the cosmetic condition of used and refurbished devices.

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NSYS Inventory

The first inventory management system for the used device industry

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Evaluate used phones accurately with a robot

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