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How Kami Trade increased their weekly sales by 25% using NSYS All-in-One solution

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Kami Trade is a Belgian company specializing in repair and refurbishment of smartphones, tablets and PCs. It is an authorized Amazon Renewed and BackMarket and Refurbed reseller. The company offers a reliable and fast delivery service as well as the best customer experience and an unbeatable product quality.

We have spoken to Frederic Constant, CEO of Kami Trade, about business inquiries and goals they had when they had first connected with NSYS Group. We also covered the results the company has achieved after implementing our software solutions.

The Challenge

Before using NSYS software it was difficult for Kami Trade to test big volumes and be 100% sure about the device's quality.

We had lots of defects and dealt with lots of returns. And since we were testing manually we had no choice other than hiring more people which makes the cost of the operation higher.

- Kami Trade, Frederic Constant, CEO

The company was not satisfied with:

  • Poor quality testing, that led to phone returns
  • Low speed due to which they could not process as many devices as they wanted
  • The cost of manual checking process due to the need to maintain a lot of staff

The Solution

After analyzing the situation, we have proposed to Kami Trade NSYS All-in-One solution to make the testing process faster and more accurate.

One of the features that Mr. Constant highlighted is that in NSYS All-in-One all the benefits of business automation are available in one place. You can test all the devices, get a full report on the functionality and immediately send it to customers to get rid of doubts before buying.

He also appreciated the high quality support from NSYS Support team, 24/7 available to answer any question the team may have.

Kami and NSYS Group

The Results

Since NSYS has been adopted, the company has been seeing improvements when it comes to numbers. Speaking about business metrics, in the first weeks of usage, the return rate reduced and the numbers of the daily tested phones increased. A few months later at Kami Trade, they were able to increase their weekly sales by 25%.

“With NSYS we were able to increase our profit every quarter and stay ahead of our competitors. Also we have been able to bring goods from different suppliers over the world since the testing process is faster than before which gave us a good push in the market.”

- Kami Trade, Frederic Constant, CEO

25% weekly sales

The NSYS team is very grateful to Kami Trade for choosing our products with confidence and trust. We are happy to know that our solutions help companies develop rapidly.

If your business also needs to be scaled, feel free to contact us and get the support you deserve!

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