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How NSYS Autograding has helped GoodCom to solve grading problems?

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GoodCom is a retail chain selling new and used mobile phones that entered the market in May 2002. Its uniqueness is due to the fact that it protects customers from the risks that can arise when purchasing used devices. After all, each device undergoes thorough pre-sale preparation and multi-level functional testing. The company is responsible for the quality of the devices it offers its customers - and together they are developing a new concept of consumption in the mobile electronics market. 

The other day we spoke to Ruslan - head of the commercial department of GoodCom Group. He is in charge of all the company's projects: one of them is buying back used phones from people. For GoodCom, it iis a major and unique product. 

"We buy back phones and then sell them. And that's why we want our customers to have any new products available: for some customers it will be a top-of-the-range smartphone, while for others it's already outdated and better to sell it. That's exactly what we use NSYS Autograding and Diagnostics for. We believe that the lifespan of a technology is much longer than the renewal period of a manufacturer's product range. The idea of conscious consumption is at the heart of our business concept”.


NSYS Group: What was your problem before using NSYS Autograding? What did your device evaluation process look like? Did you write grading instructions? Was it difficult to train staff? 

RK: There is a guideline - it was fully developed by our company. The main problem we had was that the staff misidentified and mischaracterised scratches, chips, scuffs. We incorrectly assessed the cosmetic state of the device. When visually assessing the condition, the employee incorrectly indicated the nature of the damage, for example, he could not correctly distinguish a scratch from a chip, and ended up overrating the device.


About a year ago, the company decided to implement NSYS Autograding in order to get rid of subjective device evaluation and errors that often occur in determining the device grade. This solution allows you to control the quality of the device, evaluate and determine its value to increase customer loyalty.


NSYS Group: Have you been using Autograding for a long time? What has changed since you started to use our software?

RK: With the help of the software, we reduced errors and fraud by the staff: an employee will not be able to give a high grade to a poor quality used phone. Another advantage: it takes up to 1 minute to determine a device's grade. 

NSYS Group: Were you able to expand your business activity with Autograding?

RK: Yes, with help of autograding it was easier to expand and connect new partners to the buying program. Autograding insures the employee from objective evaluation, that is, if the photos are taken correctly, we do not penalize the partner for lowering the grade.

NSYS Group: In your opinion, is speed important in the process of buying and evaluating a device?

RK: Speed is the most important parameter. No one wants to waste their working time.

NSYS Group: Are you satisfied with the speed of NSYS Autograding?

RK: Yes. It processes very quickly!

NSYS Group would like to thank Good Com and Ruslan Nazarbayev for the feedback on the implementation of NSYS solutions in their business. We are happy to know that our products help companies to develop and improve their activities.

If you want to learn more about our products and how they can change your business, send us your request and we will contact you to schedule a free demo.

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