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Case Study: How NSYS Diagnostics helps repair centers to improve their quality control

How to improve quality control in repair centers

About Phoneix

Phoneix is a well-known Swedish company established in 2013, with a chain of 11 shops around the country. Since then, they have been committed to the process of ensuring the most reliable and ultimate service for phones or tablets repairs.

NSYS Group had the pleasure to share some words with Tobias Andersson, representative and board member of the company. According to him, their team has a combined experience to detect any kind of digital devices issues and the ability to fix them no matter the difficulty, however, NSYS Group software has provided them with a consistent quality control during the diagnose of the device. Learn how NSYS Diagnostics helped them to increase the number of their B2B clients by 15% in only 3 months.

The Challenge

The main goal for Phoneix was to expand to the B2B segment as a service provider, especially to insurance companies. However, without the proper solution that could speed up the process of diagnosis, reduce human mistakes and prove the expertise of the workers by providing a high quality control, the expansion to the B2B segment seemed to be far away.

Aside from that, after the repairing process, it was necessary to deeply double check all the features of the devices, and with no tools available, the completion of the process was taking longer, more resources were used and this was not assuring them that the return rate will be lower. Therefore, the company needed to look for a solution that could provide good results in all these areas.

The Solution

Phoneix chose NSYS Diagnostics to be the best way to improve the quality control of the products before accepting the device for repairing or buying them directly from the public, but not only for that. In fact, the software was fast and successfully implemented in the daily routine process of their employees. 

Now, in terms of checkups, the mistakes rate has been considerably reduced and at the same time the customer satisfaction has increased! With the diagnostics reports, the work of the repairing team is more accurate, their professionalism now is more reliable and the buyers feel more safe with the results. And, what is more important is that the software also provides a certificate that authenticates the quality and status of the device, this gives the company the possibility to offer longer-term warranties, up to 12 months!

The results stay in the system, so the testers can compare diagnostics results from the same device as many times as needed.

The Results

Working with NSYS Group has helped Phoneix and its workers to grow in multiple ways. They feel more comfortable with the workflow as they won't miss any step of the process and all features of the device will be checked, they feel more protected as thanks to NSYS Diagnostics they reduced their losses when buying from the public and customers trust more in the process as well. 

Speaking of results, in 3 months they have increased the number of B2B clients (mainly insurers) by 15%. As a result, they are receiving up to 10% more incoming devices than they used to do.

At NSYS Group, we are very happy to know how our solutions support companies in their growing path. We thank Phoneix for choosing our products and continuing growing with us. 

If you want to grow with us economically and professionally, contact us and request your DEMO of NSYS Diagnostics now! 

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