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2х Units Per Hour: CellnTell's QC Transformation with NSYS

2х Units Per Hour: CellnTell's QC Transformation with NSYS

CellnTell Distribution Inc. is the key wholesale supplier of mobile devices in Canada based in Mississauga, Ontario. The company aims to provide businesses with a wide selection of phones, tablets, accessories, and repair services at affordable bulk prices.

We spoke with Karan Gera, the Inventory Manager at CellnTell, responsible for Quality Control and troubleshooting issues during the process, ensuring that operations run seamlessly.

The Challenge

Before integrating NSYS' Solutions, CellnTell grappled with the challenge of testing large volumes. The primary goal was to guarantee customer satisfaction by providing quality phones and to enhance the efficiency of the QC team.

The Solution

After analyzing the internal processes in the company, we advised them to implement the NSYS Diagnostics solution.

Karan noticed a significant change after adopting automated testing:

 "Our daily phone inspections increased, and we can now test multiple phones at once. The software even helps us spot issues we might have missed earlier. Plus, training new team members has become a breeze."

These are the benefits of NSYS Diagnostics from CellnTell:

  • Rapid and precise phone inspections
  • Intuitive software design facilitates quick onboarding for new team members
  • Prompt and knowledgeable support from the NSYS team
  • Regular software updates to stay compatible with new phones and systems
  • Consistent and crash-free operations
benefits of NSYS Diagnostics from CellnTell

The Results

Karan provided some metrics to showcase the improvements:

  • Units per hour: Before NSYS: 6 devices/hour | After: 13 devices/hour
  • Testing time per device: Reduced from 7 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Most useful test: Non-Original Parts Test
  • Certificates: The certificates issued post-testing are pivotal for sales and customer satisfaction. They not only instill confidence in customers but also simplify the QC team's job. Any issues can be swiftly identified by scanning the QR code, even after the product has been tested and stored in inventory.
  • Training ease: The software's design is intuitive, making it straightforward to train new employees on its workflow and logic.

“I'd recommend NSYS and its services to others without hesitation. NSYS provides a practical, user-friendly solution for efficiently testing and diagnosing cell phones. It helps us ensure our customers receive quality devices and has made our QC process smoother and faster.”

Karan also highlighted the quality of our support service, which is undoubtedly pleasing.

“Their support team is dependable and quick to assist, and the software stays up-to-date with the latest devices. If you're looking for a reliable tool to streamline your cellphone testing and quality control, NSYS is a great choice.”

We are happy that our solutions bring practical benefits to businesses and thank CellnTell for their honest feedback about the NSYS experience.

If you want the same improvements in performance, leave a request, and we will find a perfect solution for your unique needs!

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