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How NSYS Diagnostics helped Phonescom test devices faster and solve return issues

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It used to take so much time to test used devices, but automated testing is much more effective than testing everything individually. So you have the possibility with the help of the program to test everything at once.

The German based company for smartphones “Phonescom” has been operating as a wholesaling buyer of smartphones. They receive phones in volumes, check their detailed information, test their functionalities such as pixels, phone’s frequency-vibrations, battery health and capacity, front and rear camera, side buttons, the availability of SIM card, the history of devices in terms of IMEI, and many more. They apply the needed modifications so that they resell them later as refurbished.

1. The Problem

Testing manually is clearly time consuming and exposed to errors. Like many wholesalers, Phonescom used to adopt the same traditional method. Facing problems such as SimLock, battery health, and fake parts can burn both your reputation and your finances. How does it exactly happen?

Receiving phones back, or in other words “returns,” is a clear sign that the process is failing to some extent. Returns are when you sell your refurbished phones while providing a short-period guarantee to your clients. In case of any concerns, they will be able to activate this guarantee and return you the phones. As a result, there will be trust issues especially if the defected volumes are considerable or if the problem is frequently repeated. Moreover, checking the defective parts again will cost you time and money, since you will have to proceed with repairing them again.

Their business was clearly in jeopardy and a solution was needed.

2. The Solution and its Outcome

Phonescom have been supplied by our NSYS Diagnostics solution to fill their needs.

Once these used phones are bought in bulk, they undergo repair and refurbishment. Following that, NSYS Diagnostics is used as a fast way to diagnose devices and make sure that the changes that were applied were healthy and accurate.

In addition, more than 60 automated diagnostics tests are available, leaving no room for unchecked information.

NSYS labels are also used following the process. In fact, the label printing allows you to create your own sticker design with detailed information about the devices. Phonescom prints out these labels and puts them on the bubble envelope.

“Automated testing is much more effective than testing everything individually. So you have the possibility with the help of the program to test everything at once. Everything is faster now.”

- Tolga Kasikara

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