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How YZZY Mobile tripled their daily turnover with NSYS Buyback Widget

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If at the beginning we were able to buy back only 5 or 6 devices a day, now we are able to do so for 12-15 devices daily.

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Testing on average 165 devices on a monthly basis was not bad, but also not enough for YZZY. They had a clear mindset: a company’s success is measured by competence, development, and acceleration.

The challenges were heavy to bear. From one side, the company had been running without a standardized way to test devices. In other words, doing it the traditional way was a waste of time and money. Checking devices’ functionalities manually was at the expense of the company’s growth.

From another side, setting an estimated price based on those manual checks can lead to real value depreciation of the devices.

Moreover, they had problems with organizing buyback processes through the website. It is obvious that today most procedures are conducted online and the proper response from their business was required. And it was challenging to deliver a buyback customer experience in the most convenient way.

And last but not least, they didn’t have an approved supplier for data erasure. In this case, reputation was on the line.

Before telling you about the results following the solution’s implementation, let’s take a brief look at YZZY.

Who is our partner?

YZZY Mobile SRL, under its administrator and CEO Dumitras Ionut, has the purpose to provide the easiest and smartest way for customers to upgrade their electronic devices (phone, tablets, laptop) and to sell the old ones in a safe online market, compared to peer-to-peer solutions that are really unsafe.

Their goal as a company is to increase e-waste awareness and encourage the reuse of second-hand or refurbished gadgets by developing online markets for easy-to-access, secure, and concise requests and offers.

What was the offered solution?

NSYS Buyback

The CEO Dumitras Ionut had the following to say,

“First of all we needed a way to collect the online orders and the widget NSYS offers was the first thing to attract us. Buyback Widget helps us receive the orders with ease. NSYS Diagnostics help us test them in a standardized way. And when it comes to wiping-out personal data, NSYS Data Erasure and the certificate it ensures - which is approved by ADISA - is also very important to us. Finally, NSYS Autograding helps us grade devices accurately.”

Indeed, the last decision is made by end-customers, however, leading them to make faster and more confident decisions is the main target for entrepreneurs.

To know more about NSYS Buyback Widget, follow this link.

Did this yield back?

Having an idea about the options customers select puts any company in a better negotiation position. That’s exactly what happened with YZZY Mobile.

double revenue

“In the current year, more than 60% of our customers that sold to us, also bought a device from us because we are now testing phones faster. If at the beginning we were able to buy back only 5 or 6 devices a day, now we are able to do so for 12-15 devices daily.”

- Dumitras Ionut, Administrator & CEO of YZZY

This means that on average, they used to work with 150-180 phones per month, but this number was twice and even three times increased when NSYS solutions were adopted, to attain 300-400 tested phones on a monthly basis.

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