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Mobile phone trading: 10 Tips for Business

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The secondary mobile phone market was one of the most profitable sectors in the last couple years. We've put together 10 tips for those who are on their way to start their business in the used mobile phone industry. We are going to share our insights and provide you the path to success!

Who are your competitors?

Try to find any info about your competitors, their services, products, and advertising to develop the most effective business strategy. There is plenty of useful information you can use.

1. Build an e-commerce site

One of the first major steps for new businesses is to create a website to present the company. You can indeed use special auction sites or other platforms, like Swappa or eBay, though you might need to pay some fees and follow their rules. This can limit your activities. It can be quite expensive for a newly founded company. Your own site develops your brand on its own. There are many online marketplaces nowadays (e.g. Shopify, Magento, Wix, Weebly) to help you create a cool online store. Platforms are easy to use and even a beginner with minimal knowledge and skills can do it.

2. Stay up to date!

Marketing makes the difference. Ads, banners, slogans, and videos need to be designed according to the latest industry trend. Don't expect only one advertising type to work. In marketing, you need to use several concepts. Always experiment, and offer lucrative bonuses to consumers. It's quite popular to use social networks as an advertising channel. Not only are we talking about Facebook and Twitter, but Tiktok too, for instance. Unusual ads attract more attention than simple pictures or Google texts. Use your creativity and grab attention. Let your consumer’s journey be exceptional!

3. Use several suppliers

It's good to have one reliable device distributor, but it's always preferable to have many channels. If you only rely on one supply channel but somehow lose it for any reason, how would that affect your business? What kind of problems would you face? 

4. Use different platforms

As for suppliers, it is also better to have several trading platforms. Marketplaces can be a good way to become a recognizable seller. The Internet is full of good platforms you can use to trade phones: OLX, Craigslist, eBay, Swappa, Facebook Marketplace, and many more. The more marketplaces you use, the better results will receive.

5. Good and interesting description

Advertising involves describing benefits and characteristics of a product in a way that makes it appealing to the buyer. A well-written description can greatly increase the chances to attract prospects. The ability to attach diagnostic certificates confirming the devices’ quality will be your competitive advantage..

6. High quality content

Many companies don't pay attention to such important factors as high-quality and professional product photos. Using really good quality photos of the devices will help you stand out from your competitors. Once you've taken the photos you want, make sure the images are bright, clear, and expressive. But don't go overboard — too much photoshop can raise suspicion.

7. About you

In addition to product descriptions, it is a good idea to add descriptions about your company. Potential consumers are always searching for information about companies from which they plan to buy expensive things. Selling something involves reputation, on the Internet as well. It is smart to share information about the company on several sites.

8. Dream team

Any company needs a team of experts. At the beginning stages of any business, it can be just a couple of people, but you definitely need a team with certain skills and knowledge to succeed in the market. It is also mandatory to train your staff to work with devices and your selling system.

9. Continuous study

The market is dynamic: players and products change quite rapidly, meaning that any advanced company needs to constantly and systematically study all the changes taking place in the mobile devices market in order to adapt and improve its promotion strategies among competitors.

10. Use a trusted software

Working with cell phones is complicated. Buyers need to be sure of the product’s quality they are selling. You should not buy a phone with serious defects, hoping to repair it easily and quickly. Repairs may be too expensive. You might end up with a useless, not sellable phone. It is better to buy used phones in person rather than online.

Last but not least, the most important tip is this one. In order for businesses to succeed and for customers to be happy with their devices, you need to have a certain level of quality: the phone must be defect-free, tested, confirmed by special documents and its data erased.

We offer a software solution for companies such as wholesalers, retailers, repair shops, remanufacturers, etc. We have the best ecosystem covering the whole technology chain in used mobile device companies. We develop software solutions to increase the reselling value of used devices, increasing customer satisfaction and scaling your business:

We would love to have a free call with you and explain furthermore. Business is always better with NSYS!

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