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In 2022 security is a new must. Loud scandals around the clients' data breaches are frequent guests of the news feed. Such cases can destroy not only the company's reputation but also become the subject of criminal liability. If you think you can easily delete data from the smartphone in one click, you are totally mistaken. Modern data storage works in such a way that anyone with the right software can access any "erased" file of your customer.

That is why, with the growth of the secondhand market, data deletion has become one of the most important parts of working with used devices. Everything should be totally deleted: videos, photos, apps, accounts, settings, etc.

Today, literally the entire life of a person is stored on a smartphone. Individual privacy must be protected. Just imagine what will happen if someone gets access to bank card data or personal correspondence of your customers… All the consequences are your direct responsibility.

Data deletion standards

Data deletion is mandatory for all companies dealing with personal data. Erasing data from devices is required in accordance with certain market standards. The most important of them are:

    • The “DoD standard”. U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standard. Сonsists of 3 stages of data deletion. One of the most common deleting methods, the industry standard in the US.
    • NIST Special Publication 800-88. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standard. More modern 7-stages standard. Unlike the DoD standard, NIST is suitable for more diverse use.
    • ADISA. Special industry standard for companies providing IT Asset Disposal services.

These standards play a big role in achieving global cyber security and help companies avoid conflicts when running businesses.

Services for erasing data

To make sure that everything is cleaned up safely, you must use trusted software that meets the standards described above as well as provides you with supporting documents. Market-recognized certification is a great competitive advantage in terms of the used phone industry. As we have already said, saving on safety is always dangerous.

NSYS Data Erasure

NSYS Data Erasure is one of our most requested and popular services. We guarantee you complete and safe data erasure in accordance with the market standards.

  • Verification by ADISA allows to wipe data against ADISA risk levels 1 and 2.
  • Compliance with the industry high standards, such as NIST SP 800-88.
  • Good software optimization allows to wipe up to 60 devices in one click.

Erase your data cost-efficiently and eco-friendly with NSYS Data Erasure!

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