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Data Deletion vs Data ​​Erasure: What Are the Differences?

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Many phone users don't realize when they delete their data before selling the used phone - photos, music or emails - it still remains on the device. Users can’t see any files even in recently deleted so they can be opened  through the computer or special software. So, why is it important for businesses to pay attention to deleting or erasing data from used phones before selling them? How to prevent the personal data from leaking out and getting by other people?

Delete or Erase - what’s the idea?

There is some confusion between two terms: deleting and erasing data. The former implies that any person can restore the data while the latter process cannot be reversed. Improper understanding of the difference may lead to serious problems especially in business.

Data deletion

Deletion is comparable with throwing something out - it does not disappear, it is just hidden well so the system is nearly unable to detect it. It is the same with deleting something from the device - it does not stop to exist, it is just located deeper than you may think.

Let us briefly explain what is going on here. All of the data reside in a built-in storage module of the device. Every single file has a particular location in there that is described in so called "file systems," of which there are many types. All available file systems, however, have the same purpose -- they are (roughly speaking) table-like structures that match a piece of data to where it can be found on your device's storage media. So when data is deleted, your phone's OS changes the file system table by marking this data's location as available for storing new data. But the old data isn't necessarily removed from that spot and thus can be recovered.

Data Erasure

Erasing digital stuff means rendering it impossible to get back. Once something is erased, such as photos it is impossible to bring it back or recover something from it. Erasure is a recognized method to wipe data from devices. It is the most effective and holistic way to ensure data sanitization in devices. Many standards and policies have been set up to govern the erasure process.

Technical Mechanism Marking disk space as "available" for use without any obligatory alteration of the data in that space Full factory reset. Mandatory overwriting the files with some other (often random) data to make them impossible to recover
End Result The system does not delete the data but creates a storage space for a new user  The data was changed and overwritten and device can be treated as reusable
Recoverability Deleted data can be recovered with the help of special software After erasing data is no longer present in the system. Also it can not be recovered by special software

Why is Erasure important?

Erasure is important for many reasons. For example, if you just delete the data before selling the device,  you expose yourself to a serious privacy threat. Any customer who gets hold of the used phone can recover sensitive information. Needless to say, it can turn into serious problems and reputational risk.

So how to be sure that a new user will not get the personal information from the previous one? How to be secure in the knowledge that these ‘’deleted’’ data will not be recovered?

By using a special data erasing software!

NSYS Data Erasure is an advanced software solution for safe, secure, certified data wipe from Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

With NSYS Data Erasure you can:

  • Erase the data from multiple devices simultaneously;
  • Retrieve a certificate for each device to confirm that the data has been erased in accordance with international standards;
  • Be 100% sure that no confidential data is left on your devices from previous owners;

NSYS Data Erasure supports all international erasure standards set by government agencies and legal authorities.

Send us your request to try NSYS Data Erasure! 

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