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Where to buy iPads in bulk: best tips

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This is no secret that buying products in bulk is cheaper than in retail. Used electronics are no exception. However, in order to profitably buy devices this way, you must have a deep understanding about market specifics. Better be as well extremely attentive to the choice of customers and suppliers.

Used tablets are traded less than used smartphones. Less competition provides an opportunity for more earnings down the road. But not everything is bright and shiny in wholesale trading. There are huge risks, for instance, to come across a low-quality product or an unscrupulous partner. That's why we collected a number of useful tips and attention-required points when purchasing tablets wholesale.

Features of buying iPads in bulk

Wholesalers generally buy products in bulk from dealers, sub-dealers, or directly from manufacturers. In their turn, they can sell it to end-consumers (buyers) and retailers. Compared to a dealer, a wholesaler may not limit the range of products sold and can freely replace or supplement it. Therefore, he can safely cooperate with several suppliers, even if their products are similar in terms of category (tablet, smartphone) or brand (Apple, Samsung). When you want to buy iPads on a large scale, it is vital to choose a good supplier in order to be sure about the goods’ quality without overpaying.

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Why should wholesalers buy iPads?

One of the phone business growing options is scaling through product list expansion. It would be a good idea to consider buying and selling not only phones but also tablets. When it comes to restocking, you can buy iPads in bulk to save money and quickly recoup your investment. Here are some reasons:

1) Lower price. Wholesale goods are purchased from the manufacturer or from the dealer at the most favorable prices.

2) Product quality. If you find reliable suppliers, you can always be sure to buy high-quality products. Although no matter what supplier you have, to ensure the condition of the device, you should conduct iPad diagnostic test. 

3) Varied assortment. Wholesalers are usually not limited to a certain set of products. They can afford a wide range of goods.

4) Free distribution. For wholesalers, it is possible to sell products anywhere. There are no regional restrictions so you can choose a supplier from all over the world.

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Pitfalls of buying iPads in bulk

Taking into account all the benefits, wholesale trading has certain disadvantages too. Among them are:

1) Start-up capital required. In order to buy a batch of tablets in bulk, considerable financial resources are needed.

2) Product mismatch. You can easily run into a situation where you receive the wrong product that you ordered. In case of a large batch purchase, this can be a serious problem.

3) Supplier dishonesty. This moment entails a lot of trouble, mainly of a financial nature. Therefore, it is always necessary to carefully choose suppliers and check all the information about them. Moreover, it is crucial to use iPad diagnostics and check the quality of the devices.

4) Lack of demand for goods. It is necessary to carefully monitor current trends and customer requests before planning your activities. However, a situation is always possible when there are leftover products that could not be sold at the estimated cost. It is better to focus on manufacturers who will definitely always be in demand. That is why Apple iPads are an immortal classic. In order not to fall into the trap of supply and demand, you need to act proactively. It is worth trying to negotiate with the manufacturer in advance about compensation for such a product or about discounts on the next delivery.

Comparison of refurbished and used iPads

Where to buy iPads in bulk?

When you want to buy iPads in bulk, it can be difficult to find a reliable supplier. There can be many dangers, including sellers not being legitimate businesses or poor quality tablets. By the way, the principle of choosing a supplier of tablets is the same as in the case of smartphones. We have already talked about what to look for when choosing devices here.

Here are some featured Sellers where you can wholesale iPads profitably and securely:


While Amazon can be a good start for most, if the prices are too low it can raise suspicion, the same is true if the prices are too high. You need to find a middle ground between low prices, quality phones and a reliable seller.

We Sell Cellular

We Sell Cellular is one of the most trusted smartphones, tablets and accessories vendors in the US. Through relationships built over a decade, We Sell Cellular purchases new and used devices directly from carriers, manufacturers and major retailers.


With a wide selection of phones, tablets and accessories from a variety of brands, Cellpex will provide you with the latest devices at great prices for you to purchase in bulk. Cellpex is a complete wholesale chain ready to meet your business needs. The idea behind Cellpex Wholesale Trading Council is to cut out the middlemen by buying from wholesale distributors in order to get better deals and higher profits.

Logos of NSYS partners

We hope that our guide will help you to successfully navigate the evolving market of used mobile devices.

NSYS Diagnostics

Even if choosing a reliable supplier, when buying tablets in bulk, it is very important to conduct iPad diagnostics on your side. NSYS Diagnostics is an innovative solution for quick and efficient testing of iOS and Android devices. Unlike other diagnostic products, with the help of NSYS Diagnostics you can test both smartphones and tablets. Average time for complete checking, deleting data and printing the result labels is less than 3 minutes! This significantly increases the productivity of the quality control department.

Numerous automated tests allow you to determine the functionality of the battery, camera, screen, speakers, microphones and other details. Integration with other NSYS products helps to evaluate not only the functionality but also the cosmetic condition of devices, as well as return defective ones to the supplier, thereby saving your money, time and reputation with customers.

NSYS Diagnostics has a clear interface that simplifies the workflow. Working with our phone checking program is convenient even for those employees who do not have special technical knowledge and skills.

Test devices on a completely new level with NSYS Diagnostics!

Read our case study: How TekEir increased iPad testing capacity by 200%!

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