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The secondary mobile market is very wide and diverse, but the vast majority of all devices are Apples and Samsung according to the statistics. Let's take a closer look at Samsung today. How, where and why to buy Samsung mobile devices? And what Samsung diagnostic tool to use? 

Buying Samsung in bulk

Buying up the device is most profitable in large amounts. Buying phones in bulk you save on logistics costs and extra charges for each individual device. Although buying mobile phones in bulk can be a big upfront investment, you will save a lot of money in the long run.  This is due to the fact that the product comes directly from the manufacturer at a much lower price. Accordingly, when buying in bulk and further reselling at retail, your margin will be much higher than in a situation of buying and selling at retail.

Wholesale dealers have access to large auctions of mobile devices, especially, to the most attractive offers. However, when buying devices in bulk, there is a big risk of running into low-quality goods, so you need to choose partners attentively as well as test devices on your side with the help of Samsung diagnostic software.

Where to find legal Samsung wholesale suppliers

Hundreds of companies around the world supply Samsung devices. With so much of a competition, it's hard to know which vendors are legit suppliers. When buying in large quantities, it is important to find a reliable, reputable company to do business with on a long-term basis. 

Bumping into unscrupulous partners is fraught with consequences. With large volumes of transactions especially. Approach the selection of suppliers carefully. It is better to choose companies which provide all the necessary documents about the certified data removal from devices, as well as Samsung phone diagnostic with diagnostic certificates. So you're sure of the quality of phones you buy and save yourself from disputes and misunderstandings. 

What to pay attention to when choosing a Samsung wholesaler

Finding a new Samsung supplier is more than just searching Google for "wholesale smartphones" or "buy samsung wholesale" and choosing the first company from the list. As much as you would like to, this is an absolutely unacceptable option. We have collected for you the points that you need to pay attention to when choosing.

1. A solid reputation

Since most Android and iPhone suppliers ask for an upfront payment, buyers can go broke if the supplier is not reputable. When looking for suppliers, pay attention to how long they've been in business and find out what other resellers have to say. 

2. Reliable device testing and evaluation

Different vendors have different testing and evaluation standards, so you should look for transparency and consistency. You need to be absolutely certain that you are getting the quality you paid for when you order a certain class of device. 

3. Consistent range

The big Samsung suppliers are well aware of the problems associated with inconsistent inventory and do their best to maintain a constant and varied assortment of phones and other devices. 

4. Clear return process

The supplier's return policy and process should be posted on their website and should be clear. Perfectly, you will be able to get a free refund on your first order and any subsequent orders if the product doesn't meet your expectations or is defective. 

Recommended Samsung wholesale suppliers 

We want to share with you some platforms to find a large selection of good quality Samsung phones at an affordable price.

  • Swappa

On Swappa, people buy and sell with each other directly. Eliminating middlemen means you join the community marketplace with the best prices and highest value.

  • eBay

A great place to buy in bulk, but you have to be much more careful here than on other marketplaces. To find a good seller, you should be sure to pay attention to their rating.

  • Amazon

Many manufacturers may list phones in bulk on Amazon to get rid of liquidation inventory. As with eBay, you need to pay attention to the rating here.

  • GSM-Exchange

A B2B platform that connects traders and helps them find suppliers and B2B buyers. Only companies, not individuals, can join the platform. 

  • Handelot

One more popular B2B platform, the working principle is exactly the same as with GSM-Exchange.

How to choose Samsung models for buying 

Choosing the right models is half the success of the business. For the right choice you need to analyze your own sales statistics and the overall market picture

First, identify your best sellers based on the needs of your customers. Many people aren't just looking for the latest good quality models at a pretty big price. Many are looking for older models for their children or to use as a corporate phone.

Second, analyze the overall market situation, the balance of supply and demand, and competitor sales. The most popular used phone models are almost always the same. We listed them here.

Third, keep up with new releases and other industry news to be the first to know what's happening in the mobile market. Make conclusions, if you can predict the consumer behavior, the demand for your devices is guaranteed. The release of a new Apple or Android model is a good time to buy phones in bulk. The release of the latest model causes a drop in the previous ones, this is the laws of the market. 

Well, the last, non-obvious point — go into the industry jargon. Make sure you know all the buzzwords that wholesalers use. This will help you throughout the process and know what to look for. That way, you don't blindly rush into a sale and buy something just because it seems like a good deal. You have to be like a fish in water in the wholesale mobile purchasing industry.

NSYS All-in-One

When buying smartphones in bulk, it is very important to check the quality of devices, the security of personal data, and properly organize a warehouse accounting system. To fully control the process of buying and testing smartphones, we have developed an ecosystem of solutions - NSYS All-in-One, that includes Samsung phone diagnostic test. 

NSYS provides full automatization of inventory management, mobile diagnostics, data erasure, buyback & trade-in transactions, and phone grading. Due to the fact that our products are interconnected, you no longer need to use many complex applications, checklists and excel spreadsheets. No more losses because of lost or mispriced devices. Your employees will easily learn an efficient workflow with NSYS automated software. 

Turn your business into real profit with NSYS!

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