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Iphone 14 and used phones market: what to expect in September 2022?

Iphone 14 used phones

This is no secret that the most active mobile season is autumn. The reason is, of course, the release of new iPhones that immediately change the balance of power in the global smartphone market. Every year things go the same way: endless lines of young people who strive to be among the first to be in the store and purchase the cherished gadget.

Consumers are ready to pay and overpay for being the latest and the greatest. The popularity is also growing due to a profitable trade-in and interest-free installments, which allows to ease the financial burden.

Secondary market impact

Ahead of the iPhone 13 release, analytical company CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) asked US users what they do with their old devices. It turned out that iPhones are much more likely to be sold or traded-in, but almost half of all Android smartphones remain on hand. Considering that Apple smartphones are the most sold and bought second-hand devices, it is obvious that significant changes are taking place in autumn. 

Immediately after a new iPhone release, all previous models fall sharply in price. As people begin to massively upgrade their phones, a large number of devices in good condition enter the secondary market. The more popular a new iPhone happens to be, the more previous models will be given a second life as used or refurbished devices. If the supply is rising, prices, according to the market rules, should fall. 

Thus, the demand for a new iPhone 14 will directly affect the ratio of pre-owned devices as well as the price dynamics for them. Will the iPhone 14 be on top? No one can say for sure, but some forecasts based on historical statistics are to be made.

Design rules the show

Historically, the main factor influencing a hype around a certain model is design changes. This is a design that is usually a reason for customers to upgrade their smartphone. In 2011, Samsung debuted a comedy commercial showing people in line waiting for a new smartphone release. “If it looks the same, how will people know I upgraded?” asks one of the customers.

According to Apple 2011-2021 revenue chart, the biggest company's revenue was achieved in the years of releasing the models with the most significant design changes.

What we know about the iPhone 14 

4 models will be released: 2 pro versions (iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max) and 2 basic ones (iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus). The main innovation is the Always-On-Display function. Like the Apple Watch, IPhone 14 Pro will be able to show widgets that display weather, calendars, stocks, events, and other data while the screen remains at a low brightness and frame rate. Also speaking about design changes, a new redesigned front camera cut-out awaits us.

In addition to external design, battery capacity and camera resolution are sales drivers. Apple directs lots of forces on their improvement. The main camera of the Pro models will receive a new 48 megapixels sensor, and the RAM will increase to 6 GB.

In terms of prices, nothing is clear so far, but for reference the iPhone 13 started at $799 and prices may be similar for the next models.

As we see, the iPhone 14 Pro could be the biggest upgrade we have seen Apple introduce in a long time, as Pro models are getting an incredible revamp. We are waiting for significant changes in design and functionality, so the forecasts for the secondary market are optimistic. Already in September 2022, a new wave of supply and demand awaits us. Make sure to catch it.

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