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Top-5 most popular used smartphones 2022

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The secondary mobile market in 2022 is extremely diverse, everyone can choose a phone according to personal taste and wallet. To successfully run a used devices business, it is vital to discover which models are demanded. Today we have compiled the list of the most popular used smartphones based on market statistics. Make sure to pay attention to these models as promising when buying or selling pre-owned phones, as when searching for a personal device.

First of all, the best time to buy and sell smartphones is autumn, since this is the most active season for the mobile industry. The most profitable deal will be to buy a device after the release of the following model. The price of the previous model drops sharply this time. Almost all devices from the list below are the last but one model of flagship devices. So let's get started. 

IPhone 12

Better begin with the most successful Apple device — iPhone 12. Attractive design, recognizable brand, 5G support, high quality camera, fast performance and powerful battery capacity make iPhone 12 the most popular used phone on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S21

Android team members should first of all consider Samsung Galaxy S21. Samsung rarely modifies many features in new devices, thus, it is not much of a difference to choose the Samsung Galaxy S21 over the Galaxy S22. The model S21 is quite new, valued for its dynamic 120Hz display, impressive performance, and a good camera with powerful zoom.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

Another worthy Samsung smartphone is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Dynamic 6.8-inch AMOLED display, dual telephoto lenses, S Pen support, powerful battery. This device is a perfect choice when seeking a high-tech multifunctional smartphone at a low price.

Google Pixel 5

Google Pixel 5 is another android model, but the price of a new device has always been too high. After the release of Google Pixel 6, the price for Pixel 5 started falling. This dynamic is to remain the same as consumers still upgrade their old devices. A pre-owned Google Pixel 5 is a high-quality phone with powerful battery capacity, many useful Pixel software features, and a good camera.

OnePlus 9

The OnePlus 9 closes the top-5 best used smartphones. People value this model for its impressively fast charging and a great battery capacity. Moreover, this model has a really good camera compared with previous models of this series. The price for OnePlus 9 became very attractive once the OnePlus 10 was released.

This was our top-5 most popular pre-owned smartphones with the best money/quality ratio according to consumer choices. Be sure to pay attention to them when buying or selling in both retail and wholesale.

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