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Automation of a used devices business: technologies to boost the workflow

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The used device market has grown significantly over the past few years. An increase in turnover and sales becomes a challenge for businesses as it creates a shortage of human resources. Manual device operating is no longer enough to process all the deals. What to do? Technologies must come to the aid of people.

Automation of business processes is one of the main trends of the time. Markets are changing, and so are companies. The secondary market of smartphones is no exception. Businesses face new challenges that require modern and flexible solutions. How automation will change your used electronics business? Let's discuss the issue in this article.

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Who needs automation and why

To begin with, we need to figure out for whom and why it is necessary to automate business processes. Automated solutions can become a point of growth that takes the company to a new level. At the very initial stages of building a workflow, a company can get by with manual labor. Small shops or repair services with a daily turnover of few used phones can easily manage with the labor force of 1 person. There is no need to spend money on additional complex programs for buyback and inventorying, much less nanotechnological robots for diagnostics or autograding.

The profit received from sales is simply not able to recoup the cost of software. Recording all orders in a spreadsheet and testing devices manually is the most cost effective solution for such volumes.

With a volume of about 200 devices per month, problems arise with manual work. Workers can't keep up with all the orders, and spreadsheets become inflated to unimaginable sizes as well as can no longer cope with the needs of the business. This is that very point to start thinking about business automation.

Advantages of business automation

Firstly, it will greatly increase the speed, and hence the volume of sales. As the number of phones grows, functional diagnostics must become faster and better. For example, NSYS automated diagnostic and autograding solutions complete a full phone diagnostic in 2 minutes, while the manual one can take up to 15 minutes.

Secondly, with an increase in sales, there is a demand to meet new customer and business needs. Spreadsheets make it difficult to keep track of all sales, IMEI numbers, models, defects, prices, suppliers, failed tests etc. All these activities can be done easily and quickly with the help of automated solutions, simplifying the work of testers and minimizing losses.

In addition, with so many devices, it becomes difficult to keep track of each one. Even one lost or simply uncounted (= lost) phone takes, let's say, $500 of your profit. Automating the inventory process helps to eliminate the possible losses while allowing the employee and business owner to see the exact location of a device at any time.

It is also very important for businesses to take care of their reputation, which can easily be ruined by disputes with customers and suppliers. Automation of the buying process helps to determine the fair price of devices based on the grading and diagnostics performed. All factors that influenced the cost of the smartphone are to be clearly recorded in the certificate. Automated data erasure solutions ensure that confidential data is not shared with third parties. The corresponding certificates confirm that all data has been safely erased from the device in accordance with international standards.

Business automation cost

The benefits of automating business processes are clear, but many entrepreneurs hesitate to switch to new technologies because of fears that the system will not pay for itself. How fast does automation pay off? Let's count together. The most graphic way to do this — on the example of a warehouse management system for the used device industry NSYS Inventory.

Let's go back to the situation with the lost $500 smartphone mentioned above. The minimum Inventory package is $99/month. Therefore, if due to the lack of an automatic inventory system, your company loses at least 1 phone in 4 months, the system pays off. Easy math. For companies with a turnover of hundreds and thousands of devices, the financial benefit is obvious.

Let's go with another example. A company sells 200 devices in a month. By automating the workflow with NSYS All-in-One, the quality and speed of smartphones evaluation increases, and sales increase accordingly. The experience of our clients shows that sales rise by an average of 10%, that is, 20 sales per month. If the profit from one device is, say, $50; $50*20 = +$1000. Recall that the cost of NSYS All-in-One is from $324 per month. The benefit is again obvious. And the larger the volume of devices, the more obvious the profit.

business automation cost

NSYS robotization

By implementing NSYS automated solutions into your business processes, you can get both the benefits of using each product individually or all together with an All-in-One package.

If your company has already reached a new level by automating the processes with our products, we have something special for you to offer. We have developed Reeva — a unique robot for retail and wholesale that provides extensive testing, evaluating, and pricing capabilities.

While with the help of business automation you increase profits, robotic technologies make it skyrocketed. The robot does not need to rest, so the speed and volume of work increase dramatically. 1 technician with robots can process up to 1000 phones a day. 

Complete elimination of human errors gives the possibility to start buyback operations today without hard preparation of employees. Moreover, the service and maintenance of Reeva is our responsibility. Cost savings on automation have never been so clear. 

Automate your business and get only revenues with NSYS!

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