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What is BPA and why you need to automate your business?

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The world is constantly changing due to continuous technological discoveries. Keeping up with these changes is no longer a whim, but a necessity if you want your company to prosper. Daily working routine consists of many repetitive tasks that yield the same output when taken together. To make the overall result more effective, you need to use all the resources you have as rationally as possible.

Monotonous actions requiring utmost attentiveness and accuracy can and should be automated in order to free up human resources for those activities that cannot be done by machines. Figuring out which of business processes to automate can be complex and that's where NSYS comes as a solution.

What is BPA?

BPA stands for Business Process Automation. In simple terms, this is the use of special software to automate repetitive multi-stage business operations. BPA is a complex transformation of the entire workflow structure. It is most often associated with several enterprise information technologies (IT) and is specifically tailored to the specific needs of the organization.

BPA is not only needed by the largest market players in pursuit of leadership status. In fact, introducing high-tech solutions at any stage of the company's development and in any area of its activity is key to strategically competent development.

Automation helps increasing business efficiency and opens new horizons for successful scaling. If the business is in stagnation phase, automation sets a new vector for the company's development, and guarantees a great competitive advantage to compete and triumph.


The first reason to automate your business processes is to increase productivity. According to a McKinsey report, CEOs spend almost 20% of their time on tasks that can be automated, such as analyzing operational data and reviewing status reports. Moreover, in 60% of professions, 30% of working time can be saved simply by automation.

Cost Effectiveness

As roles and processes are being redefined, the economic benefits of automation will go far beyond labor savings. Far-sighted entrepreneurs perceive automation as an investment in a new enterprise development strategy rather than an expense. Because machines based on robotic technology and artificial intelligence can quickly complete complex tasks, and as a result, you could avoid hiring additional staff. Reduce significantly the amount of manual labor required to run your business.

Automating business processes could redirect these additional savings into important aspects of your company. According to the VentureBeat survey, you can achieve a 400% ROI by investing in business automation.

Minimizing human errors

No matter how many training programs your company offers, your employees can still make mistakes, cost you money, or damage your reputation. Errors can affect the quality of the products and services you provide, which is why you need to automate your business. Digital transformation reduces human error and effectively tailors the device diagnostic and evaluation process to ensure your customers' satisfaction with the product they buy.


The more manual processes your business has, the harder it is to scale. Progress does not stand still. As technology develops, your automated technology-based workflow will become more and more effective if you introduce new emerging technologies into it. In a manual situation, the only way to scale is to increase the quantity (of employees), not the quality (of their work). This scaling option is clearly inferior to the technological one.

Business Insights

When the processes in your company are automated, they are easier to control, which helps tracking failures at any stage of the chain. Your system knows exactly how much time, effort and resources are needed for a particular business process. If you have the most complete information about how the processes are going, you can distribute the resources you have among them as optimally as possible.

NSYS Reeva

For those who choose to keep up with the times, we have developed a unique AI-based robot — Reeva. Robotic technologies are a new level of automation.

  • Cosmetic condition check
  • Functionality check
  • Trade-in price calculation
  • Data Erasure
  • Full warehouse tracking

From now on Reeva will do it all instead of you. Hire your first perfect employee that can perform 24/7. No robotics experience is required for implemention. Service and maintenance is our responsibility! Leave a request and our manangers will provide you with further details.

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