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Useful tips when choosing cell phone suppliers for your business

used phones cell phone suppliers

In the modern business environment, finding a reliable supplier is difficult for both beginner and professional business people. Here are some tips to successfully find suppliers in the used phone industry.

Use different sources of searching

Of course Google is the land of information but today we are here with something more than just choosing the first company in the list for "mobile phone wholesalers". Don't neglect other sources of information. There are, for example, special products for entrepreneurs such as magazines, books, and newspapers, that can be used as a means to find suppliers. A magazine usually gathers convenient information describing all trade activities and goods.

You can also spy on your competitor for a bit. Almost everyone uses this strategy since it reflects the norm of the market. In this case, you don't have to worry about the reliability of the seller, but most likely you will have to offer them more favorable conditions compared to your competitors so that you lure them.

Counter with used phones

Participate in conferences, exhibitions, fairs

Connection-making opportunities. You can check the goods visually and tactilely. You are also invited to discuss details with suppliers in order to concisely reflect and decide afterwards whether to proceed with deals or not. Conferences and fairs are usually attended by the most interested in selling their products and looking for partners to develop future affairs.

Also at such events you can not only find suppliers but also learn useful information about the latest technologies for scaling your business. For example, NSYS Group as a software provider often participates in various exhibitions. Last time we visited IFA Berlin where we presented the latest updates of our products and ideas, including our new AI-based robot — Reeva. Be sure to attend such events to stay up to date with the trends and technological breakthroughs of the industry.

Used cell phones

Expand the horizons

For sure you can find the manufacturer in your city, thereby bypassing intermediaries, if you can find one. But searching for suppliers from neighbors means that their stock is likely to be limited. You will rarely find everything in one place 5 meters away from your shop. Therefore, we advise you to look at the search for partners wider. 2 most obvious options are China and the US.

"Made in China" is the most popular phrase in the world. Most of the goods in our stores are Asian-made, and China is the easiest supplier to choose: Taobao.com, Alibaba.com, Dealextreme.com, Aliexpress.com. Products are made to satisfy every taste at reasonable prices.

When choosing an American direction, your store ends up with high-quality goods, and quite possibly unique products that your competitors don’t own.

Packed iPhones

Look before you leap

Сlarify all the details, don't spare time for negotiations. Especially in the case of international trade. Cultural, economic and political environments strongly influence the attitude to business in different countries. Consider the difference in mentality when choosing partners. And don't be surprised if your suppliers play by their own rules, not by yours.

Once the right supplier is finally found, check the documents confirming both the product’s quality and the permission to trade. Having made a conditional list of those who suit your criteria, contact each of them and discuss the means of cooperation, the minimum order size, and the opportunity to get a trial. Take the time to find the best option and be sure to consider all the possible consequences (including the worst ones) if something goes wrong.

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NSYS Inventory

For those who have already decided on suppliers, run the business and want to do it successfully, NSYS Group created the ultimate solution to store used phones in the most efficient way.

Maximizing warehouse availability, tracking the goods’ movement, stock inventory control and full control over the information processing in distribution systems. NSYS Inventory is:

  • IMEI-Tracking
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • ESN Checks & NSYS Diagnostics Integrated
  • Suppliers and defects analytics
  • User Accountability & Permissions Management
  • Built-In RMA functionality

Contact us now to run your used device business like never before!

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