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Collaboration 'Robotics - Beings' in the used phone business

Robots can do everything people can, though much faster, with high-quality and no human error. Instead of slowing down the production and making potential mistakes, automating the process is logically a solution to consider. Will that change anything?

What do robots bring to the table?

Since automation has strongly invaded the business world, debates about robots replacing humans multiplied.

Business nowadays requires modern solutions. The implementation of AI is not just a forced necessity or fashion trend, but a criterion for efficiency and market success. Huge costs associated with manual processing delays, human error, and inefficient business systems can no longer be ignored as they require thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars yearly.

Will robots replace employees? What can be the reasons?

Robots can work 24/7. They are generally faster and much more precise. Pew Research has published a report stating that about half (48%) of those surveyed believe that robots will displace a significant number of jobs in the near future.

Robots can help employees in some ways or another. They easily perform repetitive, tedious, and monotonous tasks while employees can focus on important ones. In recent years, robotic solutions have stepped up when it comes to efficiency and capability. Consequently, their presence in the workplace is growing.

Employees' abilities are somehow limited. Robots on the other hand can perform tasks without interruption. They are extremely precise. This leads to greater quality control, eliminating the human factor in diagnostics and increasing the number of tested and ready-for-sale devices.

Can robotic solutions improve your business?

The answer is - Reeva! A robot that makes all the difference.

Reeva is a revolution in the technological world. This robot provides extensive testing, evaluation, and pricing capabilities. It can be used for both retails and wholesales.

To better understand the robot's implementation, here's what the robot ensures:

  • Time-saving is the main advantage. Introducing a robot into your business allows you to complete tasks much faster and without errors. Ultimately, process automation means that employees will be able to invest efficiently their time.
  • Cost-cutting. Businesses face global pressure to improve their profitability. Implementing robots is a smart approach to contain and reduce costs.
  • Increasing productivity. When heavy tasks are delegated to a digital solution, multiple processes can be executed simultaneously. This leads to an increase in productivity, allowing employees to focus on more important tasks such as revenue-generating activities.
  • This makes a business process more efficient. It becomes so when the best result is achieved with minimum effort. Introducing a robot into an activity improves the quality and efficiency of task management.
  • It minimizes errors. No matter how capable and skilled your employees are, mistakes happen. Eliminating the risk of making mistakes helps the process run smoother and avoid redundant operations. And the likelihood of errors is dramatically reduced when you automate processes.
  • Process standardization. Companies work according to their own rules, documentation methods and a multitude of tasks that need to be completed. For a process to be effective, it must be properly designed for adaptation. An automated process is carried out as a sequential workflow. The steps systematically change each other until a standard result is each time achieved. That's why automation is the preferred shortcut to standardization.
  • Better customer service. Performing diagnostics and evaluating automatically improves quality and results, which helps attract more customers through good quality products.

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