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5 Reasons to your Buyback System's Underperformance

used phones buyback system

Today, most of mobile operators, OEMs or retailers offer various programs for buying used devices from individuals or trade-in. In the US only, 50 to 60 billion dollars of phones are collecting dust in the drawers of consumers. That's a lot of money considering the inflation and it's no surprise that companies want to roll it out. So why does your system underperform?

1 No guarantee of fair price 

The main reason why people hesitate before selling their devices is no fair price guarantee. People want to get the most out of their old phones. In the face of huge competition among buying programs, you have to offer customers the most attractive conditions.

If you're not a mobile operator and can't offer an additional value of cheaper rate plans or device discounts as trade-in programs do, your only hook is the most attractive price.

Your buyback system may be ineffective because you don't evaluate devices objectively and offer people too little, so they find a more profitable offer, or vice versa too much, cutting your own profit.

2 Long and complicated evaluation and acceptance process 

People value their time. Nobody wants to waste it standing in lines or waiting for the technician to diagnose and evaluate the phone, especially if it needs to be sent somewhere to the warehouse for several days. It means that the processing time should be acceptable (within 10 minutes), otherwise, you will simply lose potential customers.

From a business perspective  “time is money” sounds even louder. The more time you spend processing one order, the logically fewer orders you can process. In conditions of high turnover, business automation is indispensable. If you think your employees process fewer devices than they could, implement automated solutions and see how things will change.

3 Staff mistakes

Since we are talking about staff, it is worth noting that there is always a human factor in the work of a phone tester. Evaluating a device is a complex and painstaking process, consisting of following many instructions. As we mentioned above, any employee mistake is a direct loss to your business.

If you want your buyback system to work effectively, it is not enough just to provide high-quality staff training, even professionals are not immune from mistakes. The only thing that can give you almost a 100% guarantee of an objective assessment of each device is an automated buyback software. Machines don't make mistakes.

4 No security guarantees

Selling a consumer's personal device is essentially a direct transfer of all personal data into the hands of unknown people, which can have serious consequences for both the buyer and the seller.

If your buyback system doesn't have a full data erasure solution, or if you do it manually and can't back it up with proper documents, this can be a restraining factor for many customers. Data deletion certificates are a great competitive advantage.

5 Insufficient promotion

Sometimes your potential clients are just not aware of the details of buyback programs and their benefits. And even if aware, all the pitfalls highlighted above can make them hesitate.

In matters of promotion, running your own branded app helps a lot. The first contact with a brand is very important for gaining trust and further loyalty. If you can give clients the opportunity to independently conduct an initial assessment of their devices from home (at least an approximate one), most likely they will come to you for sale in future, since they are already familiar with your brand.

NSYS Buyback

The solution to all the problems above is NSYS Buyback - an automated software for evaluating pre-owned devices when buying and selling. Our solution allows:

  • Increase the speed of work and the number of evaluated devices
  • Eliminate human errors through automation of the testing process
  • Get accurate device value via detailed tests of both cosmetic condition and functionality

Enjoy a fully customizable embed on your website or launch your own white label application to estimate the device cost in store, on website or via app.

Buy back phones for real profit with NSYS Buyback!

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