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Control over a used phone store with an automated warehouse

automated warehouse

Business automation today is far from being a privilege of big enterprises, but a common trend. Companies invest in logistics optimization to achieve a smart internal workflow with upturned productivity.

The shift from offline to online means a rise in turnover. Extra labor is required in stores and distribution centers. Rising wages in the current inflationary environment leads to lower margins. Implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS) optimizes stockroom organization, delivery, and supply chain system, resulting in fewer employees and boosted profits.

Consulting firm Technavio conducted a research where the forecasts were made regarding the market of logistics robots. It is expected to grow by $7.07 billion during 2021 - 2025. Let's investigate how the manual-automatic work transition occurs and what benefits such a paradigm shift brings.

Why you need to automate the warehouse process

Performance improvement

Accounting computerization cuts down the time needed to handle orders, resulting in extented efficiency and profits. Specialized software ensures a consistent procedure across all trading and storage points, making it easier to expand facilities by opening new locations without logistical challenges.

Error-free order picking

Cell phone inventory software allows you to get rid of the human factor while accepting and accounting requests. No money on returns or miscalculated items.

Advanced input/output tracking:

Marginal devices data, supplier profitability, manager effectiveness, and other unique information is provided.

In a nutshell: automation reduces accounting errors and insures safety for products and operators, maximizing efficiency through streamlined distribution.

quality control

How to automate a used phones warehouse

To stay ahead in the game, consider adopting the following steps:

  1. Assess your operations to determine areas that need improvement.
  2. Address common pain spots such as low performance, high error rates, and difficulties with cloud data storage and scalability.
  3. Consider utilizing WMS tailored to your specific needs.
warehouse stock

These principles served as the basis for the development of NSYS Inventory, the first mobile shop stock maintain software designed specifically for the used smartphone industry.

After signing a contract with NSYS, the process is as follows. No necessity to work with spreadsheets. They are not multifunctional and eventually swell to enormous sizes. Forget about it! Now you can record transactions and reserve devices, place applications and track full statistics on the goods movement. 

A unified cloud data storage for all points of sales helps to maintain control over the decision-making.

Unleash the real possibilities of your ambition with NSYS.

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