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The new California Privacy Rights Act and used phone industry

The new California Privacy Rights Act and used phone industry

On January 1, 2023, the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) went into force. This is an updated version of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) passed in 2020. Let's take a closer look at the potential impact it could have on the second hand electronics market.

The full content of both bills (CCPA and CPRA) can be found on the official website for the California Code of Regulations. We will outline the main changes concerning our market.

How the business environment will change

  • A Data Privacy Authority will be established to protect consumer privacy. This government agency will ensure that businesses do not violate the law.
  • CPRA will offer consumers an additional right to delete data.
  • Under the CPRA, companies will be obliged to run annual data privacy and cybersecurity risk assessments and provide ways to securely manage and delete data.
California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)

Punishment for non-compliance

The CCPA provides fines of $2,500 on companies for each violation and up to $7,500 for willful violations. The CPRA is introducing a new fine of up to $7,500 for every violation (even unintentional) of consumer rights to the privacy of minors.

The CPRA will also eliminate the 30-day correction period that automatically starts after a charge of an alleged violation is filed. Instead, it will decide how much time you have to fix bugs.

Whether the adoption of additional measures to protect customer data will actually be beneficial for consumers, only time will tell. One thing is clear at this point, due to the implementation of CPRA, companies must take extra care in protecting customer data. Are you sure that you erase data from your devices with sufficient quality so as not to be afraid?

Punishment for non-compliance CCPA

How to ensure secure deletion of data?

Working with used devices involves direct contact with personal sensitive data. Sharing is not always caring. Remember that you, as a reseller, are totally responsible for any data breach. NSYS Data Erasure is a phone wiping software that guarantees you 100% deletion of all confidential info from the devices you  work with. 

You can track the history of all processed devices in your cloud database and receive a certificate for each device confirming that the data was safely deleted in accordance with international NIST and ADISA standards. Data erasure certificates will become an excellent competitive advantage for your company, as they will prove the transparency and reliability of cooperation with you.

To ensure total cybersecurity, you must carefully test all the devices you work with. You can do it manually, but the more reliable and efficient way is to use automated software for diagnosing used smartphones. NSYS Diagnostics solution combines all the benefits of automatic testing processes.

Running a profitable business without risks is no longer a problem with NSYS solutions!

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