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Used device business after COVID: recovery of offline events

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In terms of economy and business, COVID-19 became a trigger of a serious crisis, resulting in the changes that still cannot be fully calculated. One of the main consequences is a complete restructuring of the event marketing system with the transition of all offline activities to online. In today's article we will tell you about how things go with used electronics offline events after the pandemic.

The importance of offline events for the used device industry

Offline events have always been on the front page for the second hand mobile market, be it exhibitions, forums or presentations of various kinds. Such activities helped device distributors, IT software companies and other aftersales market players present their products, establish cooperation and discover new prospective business projects.

COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation measures created staffing and logistical challenges for businesses as well as took away an opportunity for product promotion. Despite the fact that demand for refurbished smartphones remained satisfied, without the ability to make new business connections, collaborations and partnerships, the industry was going through hard times.

All major technological events have been canceled or postponed - MWC, IFA, CES, GITEX etc. thus companies have lost a very important channel of communication. Many events were not canceled, but simply moved online, however, nothing can replace personal meetings with all the possibilities of live communication.

Post-pandemic offline events recovery

By the way, what is happening now when the world has almost defeated the pandemic? We go back to the roots. Offline events reopen one by one to greet the audience thirsty for personal interaction.

Events are gradually returning to the usual format, however, many organizers still offer a hybrid participation form, as not all countries are fully open to visit.

“Global circumstance continues to evolve and, one thing is becoming apparent, we will be dealing with the effects of Covid-19 for years to come. In times like these, responsible leadership is more critical than ever.”, said John Hoffman, CEO GSMA Ltd.

The post-pandemic offline events recovery will definitely have a positive impact on the used device market, as an increase in marketing activities boosts the mobile industry as a whole. Reconnection gives great networking opportunities to everyone from leading brands and start-ups, to investors and government delegations. 

Over the years, people have not only missed communication, but also gained indispensable experience in restructuring their business processes due to covid restrictions. Used mobile equipment distributors were forced to combine their past strategies with new tools to succeed in the next normal future. Now that they can once again come together to exchange experiences and establish communications, the industry is definitely waiting for a new leap in development. We have a lot to say to each other. 

The world changed irreversibly within the last 2 years and the opportunity to reset, rebound and reimagine the future is more important now than ever. The industry cannot fully develop without good communication between all its participants. The world is changing by the teams. 

NSYS at ITC Malta 2022

Very soon, on June 9-12, ITC Malta 2022 - International Trade Convention for distributors, retailers, traders, resellers & wholesalers will be held. And we are proud to announce that we will be one of its participants!

ITC is the good networking event of the Mobile Phone, IT & Consumer Electronics Industry. It connects retailers, distributors, traders, resellers and wholesalers from all over the world.

“ITC is about much more than collecting business cards and handshakes. It’s about building business relationships that will last the test time.”, ITC organizers say.

The exhibition will feature our flagship products, which we proudly present to our partners and customers. We invite you to visit our booth! 

Let's rethink the future and change the world together!

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