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Simple Guide to a Buyback System Implementation

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If you think that cell phone buyback software programs are only created for companies dealing with pre-owned devices, you are mistaken. A large number of retail mobile stores don't sell used phones, but only accept them for trade-in. A trade-in program for buyers means primarily discounts on new phones, while for sellers -  an increase in brand loyalty, making clients more likely to do an upgrade.

A customer journey is buying a new device, not selling an old one. Similarly, the goal of retailers is to sell a new phone first, not buy back a used one. Trade-in program is a win-win option for both buyer and seller. 

So even if you work with new devices only, you can greatly increase your sales by introducing trade-in programs into your workflow. There are 2 options for retailers: retailers launch buyback programs and then collect and sell devices themselves, or turn to a buying provider: the one who deals with used phones only.

In both cases there is one main question: how to organize it quickly and efficiently if you have never dealt with used phones. And we are here to speak up!

Step 1

First, decide which devices to buy from the individuals and how to do it. Will it be only some specific models or not? What should be the cosmetic and functional condition? Maybe you will only accept Iphones of grade A, or won’t even refuse a broken Xiaomi.

Step 2

Speaking of the buying method, you can accept devices in an offline store or online via website or app, or both options. When using the online way, think over all the logistics in advance, how the devices will get from a person to your warehouse and back if necessary.

Step 3

Determine how you will diagnose and evaluate your devices. You can do it both manually or automatically with the help of special mobile commerce software. Which way to choose is up to you. But to set up a precise and efficient buying system, of course, professional automated solutions are required. We have already told you deeply how the NSYS buyback service works and what are the benefits of business automation

If you choose the manual work mode, you need to create a specific list of parameters according to which your employees will evaluate the devices. Take this matter very seriously. How thoroughly and carefully you think through your evaluation system will determine the success of your program. 

Step 4

Next, decide on the price setting. Determine the importance of certain cosmetic and functional criteria. How much cheaper a Samsung with a broken camera will be priced in your company than an iPhone with a non-working touchscreen... only you decide.

However, remember that phones must be assessed objectively to make a profit and attract customers. Be sure to pay attention to: functionality, cosmetic condition, blacklist issues and traces of personal data.

Step 5

The next step is staff training. Regardless of which evaluation method you choose, you need to teach your employees all the work instructions. With manual testing, be prepared that it will not be an easy deal. Poor quality training or insufficient control over the rules implementation lead to staff mistakes and direct losses to your business.

If you use automated software for diagnostics and buyback, staff training will, of course, be much easier. Just show employees how to use the program and it will guide them through all the necessary instructions and checklists.

Step 6

And finally, after you have chosen what you will buy, how and where, set up all the necessary programs and trained your staff, all that remains is to create a catchy ad to notify the customers about all the benefits of your buyback or trade-in program.

NSYS Buyback

We would like to offer you a mobile shop management system software that allows your business to buy back devices through your own website, in store or via app - NSYS Buyback. Multifunctional solution for retail and eCommerce businesses with fully customizable design.

Automatic price calculation makes the process fair. Customizable test parameters allow you to evaluate devices in accordance with your company's standards.

It is easy to import your excel devices base into the software with the guarantee of your customer's and your own data security.

Immediate IMEI checks such as ESN GSMA blacklist and SIM Lock status prevent you from unprofitable deals. 

24/7 multi-language support helps you in case of any questions. 

Buy old to sell new with NSYS!

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