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What Is ADISA, and Why Does It Matter to Your Business?

adisa certification

If you are operating with used devices, you are probably familiar with this certification, which is widely popular in the industry. Obtaining it might greatly benefit your business and help you gain customer trust. In this article, the NSYS team will explain why being an ADISA-certified company is essential and share our experience of getting this accreditation.  

What Does ADISA Stand For? 

ADISA is an abbreviation for Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance. This Alliance was founded in 2010 by a group of leading experts in risk management, IT compliance, and data protection within the area of IT Asset disposal. 

How Does ADISA Work? 

ADISA is an independent data sanitization verification organization. It is dedicated to maintaining high standards in respect of data security in the IT sector, ensuring companies that handle sensitive data and its deletion stick to the top industry protocols. It implements a comprehensive security strategy, subjecting its members to regular audits, including scheduled and surprise evaluations, to guarantee continuous compliance with its guidelines.

Beyond that, ADISA also provides multiple resources for organizations, including a training academy, standard guides, frequent publications, awards, and product assurance. These offerings help ADISA-certified businesses excel as premier IT asset disposal companies.

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How to Obtain an ADISA Certification?

ADISA has three certification schemes aimed at different types of media that companies work with. They are as follows: 

  • Certified Product Claims Test (PCT) assures that the evaluated product makes data irretrievable on a particular media type. 
  • Certified Product Assurance (PA) gives confidence that the evaluated by ADISA product complies with established guidelines and standards, such as NIST 800-88 and IEEE 2883, ensuring reliable outcomes from its use. 
  • Certified Sanitization Software Vendor (SSV) guarantees that all sanitization products offered by the service provider can be reliably used across different media and interface types.

Although each scheme possesses distinct features, they all adhere to the fundamental principle that personal data should be made unrecoverable through the use of solutions aligned with specific threat actors. 

As a part of each scheme, the sanitized media item undergoes an experimental attack in an effort to restore sensitive data. The type of attack and compromise method depend on the ADISA test level of the Threat Matrix, which defines what tests are sufficient for the purposes of the organization.

If the applied product failed the attack and the data was recovered, ADISA provides a detailed report, help in troubleshooting, and an opportunity for a free retest within a 30-day period from the original test.

ADISA ict asset recovery

What Was NSYS Group's Experience in Obtaining ADISA Certification?

Our solution, NSYS Data Erasure, became ADISA-certified in 2018. NSYS Tools erasure methods have successfully passed testing attacks using ADISA PCT Method v1.0. It confirms that NSYS Data Erasure software, when used in accordance with the specification within the claims test document, can be used for data sanitization against ADISA risk levels 1 and 2.

Certified NSYS Data Erasure solutions support high standards of industry regulations such as NIST SP 800-88 (Rev. 1) "Guidelines for Media Sanitization" and use Clear and Purge methods. 

Do You Need to Update the ADISA Certification?

The ADISA-certified companies should update their accreditations every three years. NSYS Data Erasure has prolonged the certification and it will be valid for three more years. It is a necessity for companies that work in IT asset recovery, leasing, logistics, repair centers, and the IT Asset Disposal Standard.

Why Is ADISA Certification Important to Customers? 

For people and organizations buying pre-owned mobile devices, whether at retail or wholesale, it is extremely important to ensure that no personal information is left on the smartphone from the previous owner. An ADISA testing certificate is a verified proof of the data sanitization quality. It shows the company's commitment to data security and compliance in contributing to reliable data processing and enhancing customer trust.


To ensure effective data protection and secure data destruction, carefully choose the solution that complies with industry standards and legal requirements. Try NSYS Data Erasure, which provides safe, secure, certified data wipes from both Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

Apart from being ADISA-certified erasure software, the NSYS solution is compliant with GDPR and NIST SP 800-88 regulations.

NSYS Data Erasure optimizes the processing of used mobile devices, allowing you to wipe data from multiple smartphones or tablets simultaneously. For each device, you will receive a certificate to confirm that the data has been erased in accordance with international standards.

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