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The new repairable Nokia smartphone as a step towards the «Right to repair»

The new repairable Nokia smartphone as a step towards the “Right to repair”

During Mobile World Congress 2023 held in Barcelona, HMD Global unveiled the introduction of their latest smartphone, the Nokia G22 with repairability as a main feature. Any owner of such a gadget with a minimal set of tools will be able to replace its broken parts: back panel, battery, screen, and charging port. This was not the first, but certainly the most significant precedent for such a technological breakthrough, setting a new direction for the whole industry.

The developers also note their intention to move the production of Nokia devices to Europe in 2023 to ensure safety, reliability, and sustainability. Following this vector, HMD Global expects to win a leading position in the EU scene. CNBC analysts believe that such an action highlights the widespread tendency of relocating businesses and supply chains out of China and other Asian countries.

The new repairable Nokia smartphone

Nokia G22 feat. iFixit

The device was designed from the outset to be easy to open and modify. It has a removable back panel to allow battery swap in less than five minutes even at home. The body of the phone is made of 100% recyclable plastic, supporting the general trend toward sustainability.

According to the official HDM press release:

The new Nokia G22 is purposefully built with a repairable design, so you can keep it even longer, and with advanced imaging on Nokia C32 and improved durability on Nokia C22, we are bringing even more value to the C-series.

 Adam Ferguson, head of product marketing, HMD Global.

The development happens in cooperation with iFixit, where consumers can buy spare parts and read useful technical manuals.

Nokia G22 feat. iFixit

Legal issue

The European Parliament conducted a survey showing that 77% of European consumers have a positive attitude towards reuse and other re's. When choosing between fixing an old gadget or upgrading, they will go with the first option. This statistic, combined with growing demands from consumer rights activists and eco-enthusiasts led to the creation of a legal document called "Right to repair". According to the document, product manufacturers are obliged to contribute in every possible way to establishing an affordable self-repair environment. HMD's Nokia G22 continues the regulatory trend in this regard.

Whether other companies will follow HMD's lead remains to be seen, but most experts predict such a scenario to be highly likely.

As consumers increasingly demand more sustainable and longer-lasting devices, the ability to repair smartphones easily and affordably will become a key differentiator in the market.

Ben Wood, lead analyst at CCS Insight. 

The appearance of DIY smartphones prompts discussions about the future of repair services and the used devices industry as a whole. If the phenomenon catches on with consumers and becomes ubiquitous, will it hurt repairers? Our answer is no. 

Self-service is never a panacea. HMD developers claim that the cost of such a procedure will be about 30% lower than the device upgrade. Many owners will still choose to pay for their time and quality insurance. 

Right to repair

How to increase revenue from the repair business

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