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Best Marketplaces to Sell Used Phones in 2024

The best online marketplaces to sell used smartphones

For businesses operating with old electronics, finding the right platform to sell used phones is a challenge. The marketplace should provide reasonable commissions, convenient conditions, quick money withdrawal, and attentive seller support. Plus, it should offer fair prices and good-quality products; otherwise, customers won't use the platform. In this article, we have collected several B2C and B2B marketplaces that are popular among pre-owned cell phone sellers.


This fast-growing online platform is an excellent option for those who sell used electronics in the European market. Refurbed is suitable even for small businesses and allows you to trade numerous types of consumer electronics, including computers, smartphones, smartwatches, and game consoles.

The platform has a grading system that you must follow consistently. Overall, you need to meet Refurbed's strict requirements regarding high product quality and customer service. Otherwise, you will be banned from the platform.


Setting up the profile is free, and there is no monthly fee. Depending on the product category, you only need to pay commissions for the electronics sold, from 8.5% to 10%.  

Amazon Renewed

The platform is excellent as it allows you to use all of Amazon's selling tools and services and have access to customers from all over the world. However, competing with official suppliers might be challenging for small and medium companies.

There are several conditions you must meet before you can become an electronic device seller on Amazon Renewed:

  • You must provide invoices with a total value of $50,000 for refurbished electronics sold in the previous 90 days. If you want to sell Apple products, the invoices for this manufacturer's products must be at least $2.5 million for the same period.
  • To sell factory refurbished phones, you need to provide at least eight pictures of the phone and its package.
  • You take responsibility for all claims under the Amazon Renewed Guarantee that you must provide for all listed electronic goods.


To become a professional seller on Amazon Renewed, you need to pay a monthly fee of $39.99. This fee provides access to the platform's advertising features and e-commerce tools. There are three types of fees: referral, Renewed Program, and FBA.

Referral fees are paid for each purchase. They differ from category to category; for example, consumer electronics are charged an 8% fee.

Renewed Program fees also depend on the category and will cost you about 2% per purchase.

You need to pay the last ones, FBA fees, only if you want Amazon to do part of your job and pack and ship orders themselves.

phone warehouse

eBay Refurbished 

Perhaps eBay is the largest used cell phone marketplace in the world. There, sellers need to sell high-quality products and provide precise descriptions of the device's condition. It is done to minimize returns and increase customer satisfaction with the purchase. 

To win more customers, eBay suggests you offer customers free shipping. You can use the platform's shipping calculator to estimate the delivery cost.


If you add less than 250 units a month to the marketplace, you don't have to pay any listing fees. When you reach the 250 devices per month limit, you must pay an additional $0.35 per device listing.

Plus, you must pay a per-order fee and a final value fee that varies across the categories. If you sell the product to another country, you must pay an international fee, which can reach 3.3%. 

Back Market 

Back Market is a flexible marketplace that can provide greater customer visibility if used correctly. The algorithms focus on highlighting the best price-quality ratio so every buyer gets a good deal. From a seller's perspective, that means monitoring your competitors' prices to ensure your offer is the best. 

Keep in mind that the registration process might be time-consuming as the platform checks every seller thoroughly. 


There is no set-up fee at Back Market. However, there are monthly fees of €50.00 and a 10% per-order fee regardless of the product category.


If you run a business in Saudi Arabia, UAE, or nearby countries, look closely at this platform. Popsy provides proprietary online technology that helps you make the best deals with the right quality-price ratio. The marketplace has several shipping options: you can send gadgets directly from your warehouse or place your stock at Popsy's, and they will ship the order to the buyer.


The platform claims there are no fees for sellers.

International Phone Traders (IPT)

If you want to sell devices in bulk, you can do so via the IPT platform. Place old electronics, describe them, and state the quantity of goods. Although most traders offer hundreds of units, you can also sell small quantities there.

Apart from posting stocks, you can post trade requests. So, the platform is excellent for both selling and buying all kinds of used electronics and equipment.


You can choose from several membership plans. The most comprehensive option gives you access to all platform services and an unlimited listing of offers. This annual access membership costs £1,000.


This B2B service provides the same functions as IPT. It is an excellent option for old cell phone businesses to connect with suppliers and find new opportunities for company development. You can sell various gadgets, including computers, tablets, game consoles, etc.


There are no transaction fees. To trade on the site, you must pay for a monthly subscription, which is very affordable ($49.95). Thus, the platform can be used even by small used phone businesses.

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How to Ensure the Quality of Sold Devices at a Competitive Price?

All of the online marketplaces mentioned above have strict rules in terms of sold products. If customers complain about the quality of bought electronics, your account can be banned without the ability to withdraw the money. To prevent it, use software testing as it eliminates human errors and provides the accuracy of the results. 

Implement NSYS Diagnostics into your workflow to ensure the highest quality of sold phones. The software provides over 60 tests to detect more than 100 hardware defects. For every tested phone, the solution generates a report with the results of each test. You can print and share these certificates with customers.

Use NSYS Diagnostics to boost your sales with certificated phones!

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