The best online marketplaces for used smartphones

интернет-магазины подержанных смартфонов

Today there are many marketplaces with used mobiles devices in the world. We single out a few basic ones that are most popular among pre-owned phone buyers.


It is a great place for those, who are looking for an inexpensive phone. You will not find flagships here, but the middle segment is represented very widely. Excellent prices, fast and often free shipping will make a purchase almost instant.


Gazelle is an unusual used devices' store. All gadgets here are purchased from previous owners and resold as is or undergo for recycling. The feature of this site is that as soon as the unit is received, a 30-step test is performed on it. Thus, the resource is "convinced" of the device's operability and its ability to connect to the network. Paying a little more than a similar gadget on, for example, Swappa, a consumer gets a device that guaranteed works. It is unlocked or locked (but the lock is advertised and not hidden). If something does not suit in the operation of the unit, a buyer has 30 days to return it. Various payment methods are possible, many of which do not require full prepayment. There are a couple of essential minuses: not all models of phones are on sale here. Site policy assumes that the old models are not found here.


There is also extensive online service. However, it is worth relying only on yourself and your abilities to understand people. The site is practising personal meetings with the seller, so it is important to be able to independently recognize fraudsters and test the phone holding it in hands. There are great prices and the ability to find a seller near, but there is no possibility of testing devices and there are no guarantees.


Quite a popular place to buy and sell used phones and tablets. It works a little differently than similar services. There is a buying fee - $ 20. This helps to increase the number of sellers. There is no physical device check. However, there are a number of conditions that must be respected by the seller. This is a good product photo and IMEI check guarantee. The cost includes shipping. The platform uses PayPal so that the buyer can return the money if the claimed quality is not actually confirmed. On Swappa there are lowest prices and a very large selection of goods, but there is practically no guarantee of quality and there is a buyer's commission here.


Perhaps there is a largest online store with used equipment in the world. Its scale covers almost the entire planet. The site is made very convenient. Here are excellent navigation and a detailed filter with which a client can choose not only the brand, but also the model, colour, and so on. Some models are still sold at auctions, but most already have a strictly fixed price. A clear advantage over other online platforms is a refund in case of dissatisfaction with the purchase. This is due to the payment system PayPal, which, if there is a corresponding request, will cancel the transaction within an acceptable period. The sellers here are verified, have a rating, that is, you can practically guarantee the buyer a successful outcome of the transaction.


This is something between Swappa and Gazelle. Here there is a sale from user to user and control of the entire transaction. A buyer does not pay until the receipt of the goods and the assessment of its quality. There is also a refund to an unsatisfied buyer within 3 days (72 hours). Devices are not checked before selling, so such cases are not excluded. All fees are absent, but the choice is limited to the iPhone and the latest models of Samsung Galaxy.


There is an excellent service selling new and used phones. A buyer can order a phone online and personally at any Walmart store. Cooperation with phone manufacturers gives Walmart the opportunity to make good discounts to customers.


It is another convenience store to buy used gadgets. Prices here are slightly higher than on eBay or Amazon. But then a client gets free tracked delivery, the possibility of returning the purchased goods within 14 days and a one-year warranty on the phones.


It is a fairly known US retailer. Maybe here you will not find such an assortment as on Amazon or Walmart, but there are definitely popular models here. The store often arranges sales and promotions so you can purchase the desired device at a very nice price.

Of course, it is not an exhaustive list. There are countless places where to buy a used mobile device. As a result of analysing the most popular marketplaces pros and cons, you can understand what your client wants/needs when buying a used phone online and deliver an excellent customer service: a quick search for the right product, quality tested with diagnostic software like NSYS Tools product, consumer's trust in a site and a seller, guarantees and possible refund, and high customer satisfaction.

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