NSYS Group has released a new product for Buyback and Trade‑In programs in the mobile industry

While companies offer approximate prices for mobile phones in Buy-back and Trade-in deals, they lose their competitiveness and potential customers.

NSYS Buyback is a product for businesses that deal with Buy-back & Trade-In programs. The price is generated based on the cosmetic condition (grading) and the functionality tests of each device. You can customize any test in accordance with the company requirements, which will eliminate the human error factor and improve customer service quality.

Moreover, you will be able to offer more competitive prices for fully checked used phones, while your rivals won’t. Also, you can use NSYS Buyback to organize records of your stock and deals in a simple and user-friendly interface.

After the device evaluation procedure is over, you will be able to share the certificate with all the price-influencing defects shown with your customer. NSYS Buyback provides transparency to your deals and increases client loyalty.

Contact us to learn more about competitive price determination and how to attract new customers. Our multilingual specialists can give you a free NSYS Buyback demo.

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