Instant check of OEM iPhone LCD screen becomes real

check of OEM iPhone LCD screen

In recent years, the market of used mobile phones has become flooded with devices with a non-OEM / copy screens. The identification of the LCD display authenticity was time-consuming and inaccurate. Moreover it could be carried out manually only.

Often companies buy batches of used iPhones and some of them have a replaced display. In that case, the companies get less profits because they have to sell the devices with non-OEM / copy screens much cheaper.

We took action and have developed the solution for Apple devices by the requests of our customers. The solution is automatic and allows our clients to determine the authenticity of the screen accurately, without having to disassemble the iPhone.

That’s why today we are glad to announce the unique feature with no analogues on the market as of today – automated phone screen authenticity check.

NSYS Tools eliminates inaccuracy from the process of the mobile phone diagnostic

What benefits do you get?

  • Now you can determine if the LCD screen belongs to the iPhone or not
  • It takes just a second
  • The process is fully automated, no manual actions are required
  • You will always get accurate results, thanks to our new technology

NSYS Diagnostics detects 96 defects via over 50 automatic and semi-automatic tests. With the help of NSYS Diagnostics, you can quickly fix the issues or return non-functional devices to your suppliers, thereby saving your time, money, and reputation.

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