Digest: How is 5G changing the demand for mobile trade‑in & buyback?

Over the past two years, telecom suppliers around the world have been actively building equipment for the next-generation 5G wireless network. 5G is estimated to be 20 times faster than 4G. The development of the 5G network will entail one of the largest smartphone upgrade supercycles. This supercycle is also supported by the growth in sales of used and refurbished phones amid the pandemic.

We have conducted our second research of the used and refurbished phones market, examining the demand for trade-in and buyback programs in the countries with the highest turnover of mobile devices.

What is this digest about?

  • Impact of the 5G ‘supercycle’ on the demand for trade-in and buyback programs
  • The growth of search queries for phones sales worldwide
  • Top traded-in mobile phones
  • Country analysis of the prices of traded-in phones
  • Top traded-in manufacturers

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