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Data Wipeout and Free Malware

data erasure and free malware

With a rapidly growing market, used phones prompt a serious consideration of data protection. The more a specific product is relied on, the more mistakes and challenges arise. At an 11.45% CAGR, the refurbished and used phone industry is expected to reach a $147 billion market size by 2030, hence making it a necessity to find ways to protect consumers’ privacies. However, the issue doesn’t only impact them, but also targets you, reseller of these renewed devices.

1. Erasing Cell Phone Data

It is commonly known that format resetting wipes already existing data. However, data wiping isn’t enough. Through software like DIY recovery for instance, data can be easily recovered. How is this possible?

Before revealing the secret, one must recognize the importance of data erasure by finding out which personal data is most likely to be left behind: biometric data, emails, credit card number, passport information, and many more.

Even more evidence indicates that phone verification isn’t 100% reliable, especially when it comes to Android devices. Although Android has a built-in anti-malware system such as SMS PVA that intercepts fraudulent viruses, malicious parties can still buy phone numbers in bulk and use them to counter the phone-verified account (PVA) services. This can obviously harm future users, generate personal threats and cause financial fraud.

As a reseller, that is the last thing you would want to happen because legal actions can be taken and you will be exposed. Consequently, removing malware risks is as important as removing data.

Here’s what you must execute to save your business, your reputation, and fully comply with regulations and laws.

2. Phones Eraser Software

Whether you deal with iPhones or Android in bulk, specific software should be implemented to be able to erase the data, leave no room for malware interceptions, and secure future applications. The following 3 ways can be adopted.

Flash ROM

This one is exclusive for Android devices. ROM - Read Only Memory - is a file that contains a system image (instructions) of an Android OS and affiliated apps. Flashing a ROM consists of installing the system image into the internal flash memory of the device, which carries the Android’s firmware. This means that any man of knowledge can alter the ROM and modify this firmware. Flashing a ROM erases all data from the device and removes malware. But keep in mind that you will need to find the right expert for the matter.

Antivirus applications

These are paid antivirus software that perform a full scan of your phone’s material, detect malware, and eliminate them.

NSYS Data Erasure

Such an advanced software solution for phone data erasure doesn’t only delete data, but also overwrite it, making it impossible for any third party to retrieve the erased data again. The erasure is 100% guaranteed.

Scale your business today and achieve success by implementing advanced tech solutions. Leave a request down below to connect with us and receive a free demo.

Also read our blog post about the difference between Data Deletion and Data ​​Erasure.

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