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What to trade in 2023: Top-5 Best Used Smartphones

What to trade in 2023: Top-5 Best Used Smartphones

Choosing the right stock for trading is half of the professional success. Today we have prepared for you a list of the most popular used smartphones in 2023. By accepting these models for buying back or trade-in, you will always have demanded products on hand.

1. iPhone 13  

With the announcement of a new iPhone version, predecessors always drop significantly in price. The iPhone 13 is still a great smartphone that was released not so long ago to lose a lot in terms of functional characteristics but is much cheaper than the flagship option. The difference between the 13 and 14 models is objectively not that big. The same A15 Bionic processor, excellent camera with cinematic mode, and high performance. Almost a Ferrari in the world of smartphones at an affordable price.

iPhone 13

Retail price: $500-$600

2. iPhone SE 

The 2020 phone, which was originally released as part of Apple's budget line. Now, after the appearance of an advanced 2022 version, it costs just a penny. Despite the low price, the functionality remains worth trying; comparable to the iPhone 11. A13 Bionic processor, wireless charging, a 12-megapixel camera, and an impressive battery life.

iPhone SE

Retail price: $120-$150

3. Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung generally doesn't make major upgrades to its flagship smartphones. In fact, the Galaxy S21, 22, and 23 differ only in processor and battery power. Therefore, anyone who prefers to side with the Android can consider going with the Galaxy S22.

Samsung Galaxy S22

Retail price: $370-$450

4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Another good option for the Android team members. A large screen with an adaptive display, support for the S Pen stylus and a high-quality camera put the device on our list of the best used gadgets.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Retail price: $660-$750

5. Google Pixel 6

An unexpected one for many, but we advise you to pay attention to this underestimated line of Google devices. Why the 6th one? A new Tensor sensor from Google has been added to this model. It gives the phone many new mamachine-learningapabilities and better cyber security.

Google Pixel 6

Retail price: $180-$300

How to calculate the cost of a used phone?

Above, we presented you with average market prices, but they are often far from equal to the number that you have to give or take for the particular device. To determine how much the sample in your hands really costs, consider using automated mobile evaluating software

NSYS Buyback is a set of tools to assess mobile devices automatically in store, on a website, or via app. Accurate pricing to buy devices from customers at the most attractive prices.

  • Buying back used phones through all channels: In-Store, Widget, Mobile App
  • Pricing based on the cosmetic and functional condition 
  • Adjustable questionnaires
  • Fast deployment
  • Simple staff training
  • Analytical tools for tracking statistics
  • Easy decision-making based on your data

With the help of professional tools, evaluating used phones is no longer a problem. If you still experience difficulties with pricing, overpaying or underpaying for defective items, leave a request and our managers will contact you to help improve your processes through Quality Control automation.

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