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Struggling with Small Buyback Volumes?

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If you are here, your buyback business is facing severe issues caused by one problem — limited trade-in volumes. And you probably want to find a solution. You want to increase revenue, grow your business, and get rid of all the mess that ruins your workflow, but you can't find a way to do it.

Sure, you tried to improve the situation, and the testing software helped to streamline the process a bit. But you still don't know how to attract more customers to your store while maintaining a high testing quality. Sounds familiar?

But that's not all. While increasing the buyback turnover, you will undoubtedly face other challenges:

  • Low revenue caused by inaccurate pricing
  • Inconsistency of testing and grading.
  • Human errors due to a lack of training or time.
  • No scalability opportunities.

Many buyback businesses struggle with the same issues. These aren't just your challenges; they're industry-wide obstacles that need a powerful answer — an independent solution that is simply integrated into the process, will provide consistent testing results, and will be reliable to your client.

Ready to meet the solution that will transform your buyback business?

Say hi to Reeva by NSYS Group. This unique testing robot is designed to process large volumes of devices: one technician with one robo-line can test, grade, and wipe up to 70 devices per hour! 

Your revenue will grow drastically due to high pricing accuracy: consistent robotic pricing is a huge factor in customer trust. 

Interested? Click the button below to arrange a demo! 

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