NSYS Group condemns the conflict on the territory of Ukraine

NSYS Group condemns the conflict on the territory of Ukraine

There are more than 70 people in the NSYS Group team. We have always been an international company in every sense of the word, not only in terms of the number of countries we have clients in, but also talented professional people from more than 10 countries work with us. A large part of our team are Russians, and there are also many Ukrainians. We always promote a culture of tolerance and respect for political and religious views. We are different, but we are together.


On February 24th an event happened that none of us could believe until the very last moment, the Russian army started an armed conflict on the territory of Ukraine. Our team would like to state that we unanimously condemn any aggression and we are sure that all political problems should be solved only by diplomatic means. Our hearts are bursting with pain and compassion for the victims and those affected by this conflict. There is no one in our ranks who supports this aggression. We want only one thing - immediate cessation of hostilities and complete withdrawal of Russian armed forces from the Ukrainian territory. Only this will stop the bloodshed. We are convinced that the war will bring nothing but hatred and suffering. There will be no winners.


For the sake of both nations, Russian and Ukrainian, we demand from everyone on whom it depends for the immediate cessation of the war.

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