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NSYS All-in-One For buyback & retail industry

NSYS All-in-One provides full automatization of inventory management, mobile diagnostics, data erasure, buyback & trade-in transactions, and phone grading:

NSYS Diagnostics — Solution for automated diagnostics of used phones.

NSYS Buyback — A buyback software solution that helps to estimate accurate prices of used phones.

NSYS Inventory — The first inventory management system designed specifically for the used device industry.

NSYS Autograding — Solution for evaluation cosmetic condition of the used devices with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

NSYS Data Erasure — Advanced software solution for safe, secure, certified data wipe from Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) devices.

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Full test of 10 smartphones within 5 minutes

Full test of 10 smartphones within 5 minutes!

NSYS Group Team

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