Solution for mobile Buyback and Trade‑In

mobile Buyback and Trade‑In

NSYS Buyback helps to evaluate mobile devices accurately and offer a fair price to your customers. The automated system reduces human errors, so you can increase the profitability of your business and the transparency of your deals

Now your buyback process of the phone evaluation will be 90% automated, so the results will be more accurate. The process automatization will also make it possible to eliminate human errors factor by 95%* and make all transactions faster and fairer.

NSYS Buyback helps to determine the exact phone condition by the easy-to-use questionnaire, each stage of which can be customized depending on your company standards. The questionnaire provides data for the auto price calculation, so after going through each stage, you will get an updated price.

This technology allows you to determine the exact price of the device within 5 minutes, while the manual inspection takes about 25 minutes per phone*.

Buyback solution for mobile retailers and carriers

NSYS Buyback solution helps Mobile Retailers and cell phone carriers to increase their profits by providing a new service of phones buyback.

Using the automated solution, you will evaluate the device 5 times quicker* and, therefore, gain customer loyalty due to the exceptional service.

Solution for mobile Buyback and Trade-In

How NSYS Buyback determines the phone cost?

The pricing process consists of 3 parts, such as identification of the basic price, checking functionality and cosmetic condition, and the final price calculation.

Basic price identification

All you need to do is enter the IMEI number, then select the phone model and the storage capacity from the drop-down list. Depending on the phone data you will be provided with the minimum and maximum prices that are already in your device list.

Cosmetic condition and functionality check

The main point of this step is to provide fast and accurate results without missing any defect and a single scratch on the screen.

Accurate identification of all cosmetic defects is provided by the questionnaire. Each stage of the questionnaire is customized due to the standards of your company, for example, if you do not buy phones with cracked screens, the processing of the device will be automatically over.

After that, using 60+ automated and semi-automated tests the software checks the device for more than 100 defects, such as battery health, connectivity, and sensor flaws.

Final price calculation

At any step of the process, the software re-calculates the phone cost, so it’s absolutely clear what exactly affected the final price. After all the inspections, the software shows you the final price of the device.

What do you get with NSYS Buyback?

  • Automatic price calculation which makes the process fair
  • Easy to import your Excel devices base into the software
  • Customizable test parameters allow to evaluate devices in accordance with your company's standards
  • Immediate IMEI checks such as ESN GSMA blacklist and SIM Lock status prevent you from unprofitable deals
  • Simple switch to remote mode – you can continue operating outside of your retail store
*According to our clients statistics
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