An automatic check of display authenticity vs a manual one

Business owners, who deal with batches of pre-owned devices, often encounter phones with copy LCD screens. Mobile phones with replaced displays are widely spread all over the used devices market. Therefore, display authenticity check has become an important step in the iPhone test process. However, what actions do owners take to verify a genuine Apple display, and how do they actually test iPhones?

Disassembling an iPhone

Usually, testers use the easiest way – disassemble each phone and compare display features with tech parameters such as:

  • Supplier stamp or warranty sticker on the frame, flex or backlight sticker (OEM display doesn’t have it);
  • Barcode or Apple logo on the flex (Only OEM display has it);
  • The rainbow-colored tint on the camera lens (Copy iPhone screens doesn’t have it).

Note that if you remove the touch screen, you lose a lot of time during the process of taking the phone apart and reassembling it back. Besides, if the phone is still covered by a warranty, it will be voided in this case.

The problem of taking apart the phone is not only a loss of a warranty, but the possibility of finding a non-working touch screen after assembling the phone back.

Checking the genuineness of the display without removing it

Experienced technicians can detect Original Apple screens manually by looking at the display and searching for visual defects. For instance, if there are no iPhone screen defects, such as non-uniform illumination and incorrect color reproduction spots, they deem them as “original”. But these actions have a significant flaw – inaccuracy.

Dealing with high-quality copies

Present-day LCD screens manufacturers have learned how to create a high-quality replica of the original display. Therefore, it has become more difficult to determine the authenticity of iPhone screens. So, resellers have to add the costs of potential returns to each phone’s price. The drawback of this action is a lack of profit.

NSYS Diagnostics solution

Up until recently, there had been no optimal solution that could detect LCD display authenticity both quickly and accurately. In May 2020 NSYS Group presented its software solution that checks the authenticity of Apple displays automatically.

The function of the screen genuineness check

How does it help businesses?

  • Now you can determine if the LCD screen belongs to the iPhone/iPad or not;
  • It takes just a second because the process is fully automated now;
  • Moreover, no check by sight is required and that’s why you will always get accurate results.
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