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NSYS Group showcases phone testing robot Reeva at GITEX 2023

NSYS Group at GITEX 2023

NSYS Group reflects on a pivotal presence at GITEX 2023, sharing insightful conclusions and impressions from the event. Explore our journey and the impactful introduction of Reeva in the tech industry's landscape.

Team photo of NSYS Group members

In October, industry professionals connected on GITEX Global 2023 at the World Trade Center in Dubai, where NSYS Group showed the latest solution, Reeva, to the global audience. From October 16th to 20th, the event set the stage for meaningful exchanges, business insights, and technological advancements.

Participating in GITEX 2023 reflects NSYS Group's dedication to keeping abreast of evolving technology and market demands,

stated Gregory Glazman, CEO of NSYS Group.

With Reeva, we're contributing to the Circular Economy, potentially reducing electronic waste by an estimated 15% annually as it optimizes the repurposing of used smartphones.
This initiative not only underscores our commitment to environmental responsibility but also enhances the value proposition we offer to our industry peers and customers.
GSM Exchange pavilion at GITEX 2023

Visitors to the NSYS booth witnessed firsthand the practical functionalities of Reeva. The system's comprehensive approach to used phone processing, from diagnostics to data erasure, highlighted NSYS Group's commitment to practical, efficient solutions in the refurbished device market.

During GITEX 2023, NSYS Group strengthened its business connections, deepening our partnership with Northladder, the #1 Trade-In player in the UAE region. This partnership underscores both companies' shared dedication to responding to the tech industry's evolving needs, emphasizing practical solutions and broader service reach.

Reeva stands as a practical solution to the industry's pressing need for streamlined, automated processing

said Vadim Timofeev, CBDO of NSYS Group.

Our robotic line, consisting of four units, has the capacity to efficiently process around 1,000 devices daily with just a single operator, reinforcing operational excellence while maintaining uncompromised quality and security.

The NSYS team members, like Sam Smain, Senior Account Executive, promoted interaction with attendees and provided real-world feedback.

Discussions at GITEX were insightful. It was clear that industry professionals are looking for dependable, automated solutions for device processing, and Reeva fits that niche,

Sam noted.

The event concluded with NSYS Group solidifying its role as a key player in tech solutions.

GITEX 2023 allowed us to measure industry trends and expectations,

Gregory reflected.

With this understanding, we're better equipped to navigate the evolving tech landscape.
Reeva robot presentation by NSYS Group

As NSYS Group looks beyond GITEX Global 2023, the focus remains on delivering sustainable tech practices. The team thanks the event organizers and participants for the enriching experience.

We continue on our path, committed to meaningful tech advancements and industry collaboration,

Gregory concluded.

Stay tuned for more updates on Reeva and NSYS Group’s continuous strides in innovation. For a deeper dive into Reeva’s capabilities, schedule a demo with our experts.

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